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Sister Community Program Connects Cherokees across the Country

Tweet Guest Commentary Published April 8, 2019 Relationships make the world

How Abusive Partners Use Sexual Assault as a Form of Control

Tweet Guest Commentary  Published April 5, 2019 Sexual violence can be

March 24, 1839: 180th Anniversary of Trail of Tears is Time to Reflect and Look Forward

Tweet Guest Commentary This Day in History – March 24, 1839

Sovereign Rights at Stake in ICWA Case

Tweet Guest Commentary Published March 18, 2019 Native children are removed from their

Celebrating Strong Cherokee Women

Tweet Guest Commentary Published March 11, 2019 During March we celebrate

Mni Ki: Wakan Water Is Sacred

Tweet Guest Commentary Published March 6, 2019 By Wakinyan Skye LaPointe,

Like Father Like Son! Donald Trump Jr.’s Joking about American Indian Genocide is Totally Inexcusable 

Tweet COMMENTARY Published February 10, 2019 Since the Donald Trump’s escalator

Cherokee Language Board Will Play Vital Role in Revitalization Efforts

Tweet Guest Commentary Published February 4, 2019 Part of my sworn

Why is Blackface Racist but Playing Indian is Not?

Tweet Commentary Published February 2019 The photo from Governor Ralph Northam’s
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