WASHINGTON —  The White House released the 3-page Putting America's First Peoples First - Forgotten No More! policy vision. The White House release came twelve days after the Biden for President campaign released its 15-page Biden-Harris Plan for Tribal Nations,

In a statement released by the White House, President Donald J. Trump on October 20, 2020 renewed his commitment to honoring the heritage of America's first inhabitants and partnering with Native Americans to build a brighter future in Indian Country.

The statement says the policy vision for Indian Country builds on builds on collaborative and successful engagement with Tribal partners across the country to lift all communities and outlines an ambitious agenda for the future based on the following five core principles:

RESPECTING TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY AND SELF-DETERMINATION: The Trump Administration is committed to respecting Tribal sovereignty and will continue to empower Native American communities with the resources they need to promote self-determination.

PROMOTING SAFE COMMUNITIES: President Trump is committed to increasing public safety in Indian Country—particularly by continuing to find solutions to longstanding challenges like missing and murdered Native Americans and the opioid and meth crises.

BUILDING A THRIVING ECONOMY WITH IMPROVED INFRASTRUCTURE: President Trump will support improved business opportunities and infrastructure in Indian Country so that all Americans benefit from the country’s historic economic prosperity.

HONORING NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE AND IMPROVING EDUCATION: Working with Tribal leaders, President Trump will continue to ensure respect for Native American heritage and will provide children with access to high-quality education options that are consistent with Tribal traditions, languages, and culture.

DELIVERING BETTER HEALTH: President Trump will prioritize long-unresolved healthcare challenges in Indian Country that have prevented better health for Native Americans.

The statement was released by the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs’ William F. Crozer, special assistant to the president and deputy director.

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