Last week, a twitter user by the name of @LakotaMan1 suggested Florida could be rebooted by giving it back to Seminole Nation.

Florida has been in the news a great deal over the last few weeks, for such issues as: eliminating black congressional districts; rejecting certain math books; stripping Disney of its special jurisdictional status; and prohibiting instruction to young children on gender identity. 

Florida is also about to enter another hurricane season, and is dealing with a number of climate and environmental issues, including the mass die-off of manatees; a harmful Big Sugar industry; and red tide

Nearly 31,000 people have liked the tweet so far. 

Responses include:

@tdrsmom: Totally. Indigenous wisdom is our best shot at survival!

@Thisisjulie66: I was born and raised in Florida and I would be thrilled to see that take place.

@mitchmws: I’d good with that and giving Texas back to local indigenous people too.

@thadjock: Next do South Dakota, Utah. & Wyoming

@nofish_nonuts: Seminoles, Miccosukee - any tribe willing to take on the Reconstruction.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida and the Miccosukee continue to thrive in what is now known as Florida. 

One young Semionle Tribe member, Valholly Frank, recently made waves when she sued Governor Ron DeSantis, over climate change

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