Consider for the initial information on current Blue Diamond Stakes. We have collected all necessary things you need to be aware of before the start of the race.

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The race usually covers twelve hundred meters; the Blue Diamond Stakes is the world's most famous race.

Horses participate in these events, and about one million worth of currency is offered; more than one-star horse have secured the Blue Diamond Stakes consecutive years.

Preliminary information about Ned's blue diamond stakes results from this year. The outcomes will be accessible when the contested race takes place on February 20, this year.

Blue diamond race approvals

The blue diamond race first recognitions must be confirmed at morning hours, February 16, followed by publication on Blue Diamond Incentives ground unit. The first requirements' pronouncement is at noontime, then finally followed by publication.

Reward money and blue diamond stakes nominations

After blue diamond stakes nominations, step two is participation, then reward money for winning clients; the stake is around two million, dispersed from position one to position six. First position holders will carry money, a bonus, as well as a trophy.

The recent guideline

The important document that has these guidelines will be obtainable within the five days of the competition. Any individual can go through our packed document guide to contest race day to determine if the manual has been realized and contain necessary information.

What’s Fun about It?.

There are numerous means to bet on the Blue Diamond Gambling; below are some of the method used currently:


In what way someone can place this kind of the best in this year.

Gain Betting: Place a bet on the capable horse and win in this competition this year.

Secure Bet Select a horse you know will be in the top four positions for you to earn more through securing the best odds. You will be rewarded again, win and free odds if your participant confirms the first position.

Betting tips

Firstly ensure you make an effort to do through the method guide after realizing it before you start betting; this will give you direction and a way forward how you go about it. Decide on what type of Bet you are placing; look for our subsection on Blue Diamond Stakes gambling for more guidance.

Horse selection for the race

Horses should be flexible for the competition to enhance willing spirits among the horses.

Factors to consider while choosing a horse for the contests include evaluating the obstacles, the nature of the horse, the load the horse will convey, and the form. Apart from these, we have the Run-up – With very scarce allowances, utmost champions originate from the Blue Diamond Prelude events.

The tips usually circulated overhead of the month of the contests, and looked for more facts about betting on our Ned's Blogs.

Blue diamond race live

Anybody can watch this event live across the following channels;

Sports television: Star Racing 1 and Radio Sport worldwide

The champions of the race

The events' winners are displayed in public; if you like to see results for the winners, kindly search for the winners' website.