Online gambling took off in the 1990s and has been growing exponentially ever since. Online casinos and bookmakers have been using different media for advertisement throughout the years but the most recent significant changes we see are concerning social media platforms. 

In this article, we are discussing how social media is helping the growth of online gaming and gambling business. Péter Deli, the editor in chief of a Hungarian online gaming review website is sharing his thoughts with us about the effects social media has on the iGaming business. To read more about Péter click here

Online casino strategies in advertisement

Changes in gaming demographics require a change in the advertising media. Gaming companies have realized that many young adults don’t watch TV or listen to the radio anymore. So, it would be a waste of money to advertise through TV and radio commercials. Young people do almost everything in social media sights such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and TikTok so it makes sense to be visible on those channels. 

Scrolling through your social media feed you can come across advertisements for casinos such as lvbet casino, who accepts players from Hungary. 

Social media games online

Games are a great way to pass time and you don’t need to buy an expensive console or PC to play great games. More and more people play video games on their phones and in fact, mobile gamers now outnumber console and PC gamer numbers by far. In Hungary social and gaming limited not only for teenagers anymore but almost everybody under the age of 65. 

Games on social media significantly rose around the same time that smartphones appeared. Top social media games such as Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Dragon City or Clash of the Clans have got many people hooked, young and old alike. 

How social media presence can help the iGaming business

Growing customer base

When a casino creates a social media profile on Facebook or Twitter it has the possibility to advertise its services. They can post new promotions and offers exclusive to new customers. A very popular promotion is no-deposit promotion. With this offer, new customers can try out the casino without depositing a dime. Different casinos target different demographics. Those who try to appeal to men will advertise their site as exciting or action-packed while those focusing on women will use themes that appeal to women. 

Communicating with customers

One sign of a trustworthy casino is that they will always be present on social media. This is a transparent way for a company to show its presence. Customers are encouraged to leave reviews and if they have problems, they can often get the quickest replies on these platforms.

Casinos can also be using their social media profiles for competitions and games where their followers are encouraged to participate and prizes could be won.

Videos as advertising media

Studies show that young people prefer watching videos to reading articles. A casino’s intro could be done as a video or a new game could be introduced this way. A particularly good platform for sharing videos is Instagram but having a YouTube channel is similarly beneficial. Snapchat and TikTok are also great for presenting videos and the youngest generation is using these channels more and more. 

News channels

Using social media to share the latest news about the company is clearly the fastest way to convey information nowadays. The same information could be available on the casino’s website as well but most players will not be reading news and latest product releases once they are on the website. New promotions, new games, company news could be all shared in social media sites. 


Social media has been a great help in the expansion of the online gaming industry. As the younger generation spend much of their free time on social media sites, creating a profile on these sites is the fastest way to reach a further audience.