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The Sovereignty Symposium is an international event held for the past 36 years in Oklahoma to provide a forum in which ideas concerning common legal issues among those in the legal professions, federal and state officials, and the state’s Native American tribes can be exchanged in a scholarly, non-adversarial environment. It was originally established by the Oklahoma Supreme Court and now transferred fully to Oklahoma City University and our School of Law.

The move to OCU came about because of the institution’s long history within its School of Law of teaching and working in Oklahoma’s Native American tribal community. OCU law houses the American Indian Law and Sovereignty Center as well as the American Indian Wills Clinic. We are also currently working with many tribes on a new sovereignty institute as well as language revitalization efforts and technology in schools, both in conjunction with Apple.

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This year’s symposium will take place June 11-12, 2024, at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. Titled “A New Beginning,” the keynote speaker will be Geoffrey Standing Bear, principal chief of the Osage Nation. We also are looking forward to Southern Nation and their featured guest, the Osage Tribal Singers, who performed at the Oscars, playing at this year’s Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, June 11th at 1:15pm.

For more information or to register to attend, please go to thesovereigntysymposium.com.

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