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Anishinaabe students are AMAZING!!  Congratulations to all who have reached educational milestones.  Many talents and abilities have been showcased in academics, music, sports, art, robotics, dance and more.  Many opportunities are open to Anishinaabe students as they continue on life’s journey.

SMILE! See Yourself as a Dentist. Every day, in the noble profession of dentistry, you can use your talents and to help the Anishnaabe.  

A Dentist earns a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and is educated to diagnose and treat the diseases, malformations, injuries, and conditions of the lower one-third of the head and neck, especially inside and outside the mouth. A dentist is licensed by the state government.   h

A Dental Hygienist earns a Bachelor of Dental Hygiene Science.  The RDH provides preventive education, administrative and therapeutic resources to restore patients to optimal oral health. The dental hygienist is licensed by the state government. 

A Dental Assistant renders assistance to a dentist, dental hygienist, dental technician or dental therapist in dental treatments. They constatntly promote excellent dental health.  They also handle administrative tasks and technical jobs such as x-ray and sterilization, among other duties. A DA can be trained on-the-job, hold a certification or be registered by the state government.  https://www.nmc.edu/programs/academic-programs/dental-assistant/index.html

A Dental Health Therapist is a mid-level provider; the therapist provides community dental education and some common dental procedures, under the supervision of the dentist. A DHT is certified by the state government. dentaltherapy.org/about/about-dental-therapy

A Dental Clinic Business Manager co-ordinates and manages the business aspects of a dental clinic. The manager can be trained on-the-job or may be certified in some states.  

A Certified Dental Laboratory Technician works in a separate dental laboratory. The CDL uses the latest technology in the art, science, and knowledge of physicschemistry, metallurgy, ceramics, and plastics when designing and fabricating corrective devices for the mouth and replacements of natural teeth.  The dentist and the dental laboratory technician must collaborate closely. The CDL is certified by the state government. 

Dental Researchers are needed from all scientific, mathematical, and engineering fields. 

Dental Educators teach at the community college, college, and university levels. 

Dental ancillary positions are found in government, industry, and insurance companies.  Diverse fields of study which include education, law, English, art, mathematics, sciences, media, accounting, business, information technology and others, contribute to the dental industry.   

Consider a dental internship in an ancillary position for summer employment for college students. 

When exploring careers in dentistry, there are many programs for interested college students, at no charge.   

To experience a real-world dental clinic, the United We Smile Dental Clinic in Traverse City, MI offers mentorships to high school and college students.  

We cheered as our Anishinaabe students’ talents and abilities have often been showcased in a team setting.  Functioning on a team develops leadership, communication, dependability, cohesion, cooperation, and accountability leading ultimately to success.  

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." – Michael Jordan

Every day, dentistry functions in a team setting.  Dental teamwork is the collaborative effort to achieve the goal of excellent dental health for patients in the most effective and efficient ways. The impact on patients’ lives is profound and uplifting. The feeling of exhilaration at the completion of a comprehensive and difficult case is indescribable. There is power in coming together in the spirit of healing.  

A dental career is always in high demand anywhere in the world, even close to home.  Dental careers allow for flexibility as life changes occur.  Working hours seldom include weekends, holidays, or evenings.  The working environment is pleasant and comfortable, with great team members.  The incomes and benefits are rewarding.  

Can you help us achieve this goal?  Healthy teeth…Healthy person…Healthy tribe…healthy Anishinaabe. 

Dr. Jessica A. Rickert is a tribal citizen of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. A graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, in 1975, she became for the first female Native American dentist.


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