Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren admonished the crowd at the Navajo Nation Veterans Memorail Park in Window Rock, Arizona to "remember our fallen" at a Memorial Day service held on Monday.

“Sometimes, we tend to forget why this day is remembered. We tend to remember the Memorial Day sales or the events that are going on, the celebrations, the cookouts,” President Nygren said. “This a day that we have to continue to remember our fallen, and continue to remember them in a good way — and continue to remember their families as well.”

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President Nygren was joined by Navajo Nation Vice President Richelle Montoya and Speaker of the 25th Navajo Nation Council Crystalyne Curley, who also provided Memorial Day comments 

President Nygren added the Nation owed a debt to the Gold Star mothers who also gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

“They’re still dealing with heartache,” Nygren said. “There’s so much loss and grieving.

Speaker Curley also urged the audicen to remember the families of those who lost their lives while serving their country.

“Many families who lost loved ones to war have broken hearts. Some of those families are probably still grieving the loss to this day,” the Speaker said in Navajo. “Today is a day of reverence, a day of grieving, and a day of mourning.”

Vice President Montoya then said the mothers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

“For the mother whose children didn’t come home. When you lose a child you lose a part of your heart. Continue staying strong, mothers,” she said. 

After all three leaders spoke, a Remembering the Fallen ceremony was held by the Navajo Nation Blue Star Mothers where they read names of the Navajo servicemen and servicewomen from all war eras, who gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

After the reading of the names, President Nygren was joined by Vice President Montoya and Speaker Curley in the Laying of the Wreath Ceremony.



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