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Zinc7 is a supplement that provides users with 7 different types of zinc to reduce the risk of deficiency and boost the immune system. The formula is available in encapsulated form, and the website includes many tips to determine if someone is missing the amount of zinc that they need.

What is Zinc7?

Over 1.1 billion people aren’t getting enough zinc in their diet, even at the minimum amount they need every day. While some people might not truly see this lack of zinc as a problem, there are many signs they can look for to determine what they are risking. Consumers who don’t sleep long enough might chalk up the problem to disturbances during the night, ultimately blaming their struggling immune system on their lack of rest.

Between the drop in immunity and good sleep alone, consumers might attach the lack of sex drive to their exhaustion. Then, weight gain comes, and consumers believe that they are still just dealing with the side effects of poor sleeping habits. However, one of the most indistinguishable signs that something is wrong is when all of these issues are combined with bleeding gums and tooth decay. While all of the factors might just look like unrelated issues, consumers couldn’t be more wrong.

According to a discovery over 50 years ago, using the right forms of zinc can completely transform someone’s health problems, starting the night they begin the regimen. This discovery was further researched by a medical doctor named Dr. Ananda Prasad who was studying men at the time and the way their body reacted when they received zinc. After finding that they increased in height, bone strength, and sexual maturity, his shock led him to conclude that there’s extensive damage that comes with a deficiency in this mineral.

This discovery is ultimately what led Revelation Health to launch their own product to help – Zinc7. However, instead of just using one form of zinc, consumers will get the support of all seven versions of zinc to ensure that they can get the boost in health that they need.

What’s in Zinc7?

The thousands of studies on the benefits of zinc make it an easy choice to use in a supplement. After all, it has been linked to benefits like improved immunity, better sleep, weight loss, and even better sex. Some people use it as a defense against toxins, and others eradicate their tooth decay with it. No matter the reason, the only way to get the specific support advertised by Zinc7 is to include all seven forms of zinc.

Those forms include:

  1. Zinc citrate
  2. Zinc glycinate
  3. Zinc picolinate
  4. Zinc ascorbate
  5. Zinc methionate
  6. Zinc orotate
  7. Zinc acetate

To ensure all seven versions of zinc are absorbed easily, the formula also includes rose hips and purple VCAPs.

Zinc Citrate

Zinc Citrate is most commonly found in toothpaste because it improves the health of gums, teeth, and overall dental health. Studies show that it can be used to prevent dental plaque from forming on the teeth. It also reduces gingivitis, and it is often included in candies, chewing gum, and mouth rinses.

Zinc Glycinate

Zinc Glycinate improves the immune system, supports good vision, and improves how much zinc the eyes retain. It also promotes better health for skin and hair while boosting the sex drive.

Zinc Picolinate

Zinc Picolinate is an antioxidant, reducing oxidative damage and protecting against DNA damage. It is necessary for liver health, detoxification, and anti-aging support.

Zinc Ascorbate

Zinc Ascorbate improves immunity while balancing blood sugar levels. It keeps the eyes, skin, and heart healthy, and it supports antimicrobial benefits.

Zinc Methionate

Zinc Methionate improves skin health and wound healing, and it is supportive of metabolism.

Zinc Orotate

Zinc Orotate can easily pass through cell membranes. It is more bioavailable than other forms, and it improves the health of the heart, liver, bones, and more.

Zinc Acetate

Zinc Acetate, the final version of zinc, is usually included in lozenges for coughs because it speeds up how quickly users can recover. It is extremely helpful to the liver after users go through health issues or take a lot of medication.

Purchasing a Bottle of Zinc7

The opportunity to buy a bottle of Zinc7 is only available to consumers who shop on the official website. They have their choice of 1 to 3 bottles in every order, though consumers also have the unique opportunity to get three for the price of one.

Choose from:

  • One bottle for $69
  • Three bottles for $147

Users who want two free bottles can select the limited-time exclusive offer to buy a bottle for $69 and get two more bottles for free.

No matter which package the user chooses, they’ll have to cover the cost of shipping. Luckily, their order is protected by a money-back guarantee, ensuring that every person comes away happy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zinc7

What are the 7 types of zinc included in Zinc7?

In this formula, users get zinc citrate, zinc glycinate, zinc picolinate, zinc ascorbate, zinc methionate, zinc orotate, and zinc acetate.

How do users take Zinc7?

To get the benefits, users will need to take 2-3 capsules every day. They can use these capsules in the morning or evening without changing the benefits that users receive.

Are there any side effects?

No. In fact, a vast majority of consumers are already experiencing unwanted reactions from not getting enough zinc. This remedy delivers an essential trace mineral that the body needs to function, and all of the sources are safe and effective.

What can happen if an individual isn’t getting enough zinc?

Without the proper zinc intake each day, consumers put their liver at risk of substantial damage. Their metabolism can slow, and their sex drive drops drastically. It can also cause weight gain, oral health issues, sleep problems, and more.

What’s the return policy?

If the user finds that Zinc7 doesn’t give them the support that they hoped for, they have up to 60 days to get a refund on any unopened item. Users will not be refunded if they’ve already opened the supplement.

The customer service team can be reached with any other questions or concerns by calling 888-600-0642. They can also be reached via email at [email protected].


Zinc7 provides users with multiple zinc types that can greatly benefit users in their journey to better health. This formula delivers more zinc than what consumers get from their average multivitamin, offering all of the types that most users never get. The formula is easy to take each day, and no other part of the user’s regimen have to change.

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