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Today, there are numerous marketing strategies for small businesses. One of the best marketing options is through social media platforms. However, these platforms aren't the same. There are those that you find easier to use.

If you are a marketing manager, it requires consistency, strategy, and creativity to succeed with social media marketing. Sometimes, social media marketing seems overwhelming, but its benefits aren't overstated. The good thing is, numerous marketers have succeeded through social media for their business. These benefits extend beyond increasing sales.

For instance, when you need to do the branding you need to establish your business on the most popular platforms. Let’s say, Tik-Tok since it is the hottest one among all the social media right now. As you do the marketing you need to focus on gaining many Tik-Tok followers to reach more audiences.

Let's look at the reasons you need social media for your business. 

Create Brand Recognition 

One of the best reasons to use social media marketing is brand recognition. This could be an essential marketing goal for your business. 

Most people want to purchase only from the brand they recognize. The good thing is that using social media effectively can help you with effective brand building. 

Another reason is that this marketing option is effective over traditional media. When you use it for your brand, it can get into the target audience faster and easily than traditional marketing. 

However, before you can use social media marketing, focus on your cover photos and profile. To create brand recognition is creating a logo and placing it strategically. So, you ensure what you won't disappoint by properly representing the visual elements.

Generating conversation on your business 

The other reason why it's worth using social media is generating conversation regarding your products or services.  It could be an effective way to generate positive feedback for your business. That's because it helps to facilitate genuine conversation. 

If you are running social media campaigns for your business and your audience comments on your brand, keep them engaged. Ensure they feel that there is an individual behind that brand to feel like they are speaking to a robot. By doing so, you give your audience a better perception of the brand, thus, feeling like valued customers. 

Ensure the content you're sharing is something that can bring conversation naturally. To do so, consider these tips: 

  • Give shout-outs to other businesses you work or network with.
  • Ask open-ended questions. Leave it to the audience to reply and get involved.
  • Solicit feedback on your products

Understand how you should connect with customers through social listening 

The other advantage of social media marketing is allowing you to monitor your social conversations on certain topics. This is essential because you can understand what the audience wants and the trends they are following through social listening. 

If you understand what they are struggling with, it will help you in creating content that addresses their pain points. 

In addition, you will have a chance to understand the tone of language your audience uses. Perhaps when targeting a young audience, you can use the same slang they use. Social media helps you when not sure if you should match such tone and style to your audience.  

For the success of your brand, take time to listen to what people say or suggest in your industry. This could help you improve your brand recognition. 

Tell Your Story 

Social media is an excellent place where people can get to know about your brand. You can do that by sharing your stories and brand mission. Effective stories will have a vital impact on your business's image. The stories you give could be simple or extensive, but make sure it's something effective. An effective story will greatly impact your brand's image. 

If you checked a post by Starbucks, it was about someone getting a job position at a hiring fair. This helped them with their public image. They represented one image that turned out to be impactful and clear.

The other way could be sharing stories about those using your products or services. When they give great feedback, you can share it. That could help spread the message you have a quality product or service because people give it positive feedback. 

Improve by gathering data from your audience 

You need to research more about your brand through audience research. This could be like social listening methods. You have to search the keywords that are mostly used by your audience but focus on a specific product. Social media can help you in gathering information. 

Twitter and Facebook are great social media platforms for marketing your products or services. These two platforms allow you to see the insights and reach of your posts. 

If you're using Facebook, you can see insights on your page. Go to an admin page, and the information is next to the cover photo. On the other hand, you can also get information on Twitter. The insights are at the bottom of your tweet. 


Social media is an effective marketing option for your business. You can use it for brand recognition. To be effective, learn how to manage social media planning and execution.