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This year's Copa America starts on June 20 and ends with the final match on July 14. All confrontations will take place in the USA. The tournament will feature 16 national teams, divided into four quartets. The two strongest teams from each group will advance to the next round of the tournament.

According to representatives of bookmakers, the following national teams will fight for victory in Group B: Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela and Jamaica. It is more likely to find out who will be at the top of the quartet if we analyze each of the teams.


The Greens played three matches in the November period. First, the Mexicans met Honduras in the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Nations League. On the road, Jaime Lozano's team lost by two goals. At home, the “tricolors” defeated their opponents in regular time thanks to accurate shots from Chavez and Alvarez, and were able to earn a ticket to the semi-finals in a series of post-match penalty kicks. Mexico then faced Colombia in a friendly match and lost 2:3.

The Mexicans have a very competitive squad that is capable of completing the assigned tasks. At the very least, they are quite capable of leaving the “tri-color” group. Moreover, the quartet the “greens” got was not particularly difficult. So Mexico is absolutely deservedly the favorite in this four.


Tricolor played the last five matches in qualifying for the World Cup and looked very confident. After winning against Uruguay and Bolivia with the same score of 2:1, Ecuador recorded two World Cup shutouts in a row against Colombia at home and Venezuela away. In the last official match, Felix Sanchez Bas's team minimally defeated Chile thanks to Mena's only accurate strike in the 21st minute of the match.

The tricolor does not have a large number of star players, but this national team is famous for its team play. In addition, the Ecuadorian squad includes representatives of such well-known European clubs as Royal Saint-Gilloise, Eintracht Frankfurt and Chelsea. It will be difficult for the South Americans to get ahead of the strong Mexicans, but Ecuador's chances of reaching the playoffs are quite good.


“Red Wine”, starting in October 2023, held five fights, four of which were official. In South America's World Cup qualifiers, Venezuela was drawn with Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. Also, Tomas Rincón and company defeated Chile at home thanks to accurate strikes from Soteldo, Rondon and Machis. In a friendly match with Colombia, the Venezuelan national team lost minimally.

Fernando Batista’s guys don’t grab stars from the sky, but in recent years they have been forcing the fight on even quite formidable opponents. It will be difficult for “red wine” to be in the top two of the group, but the team still has a chance to do so. If you want to earn money by betting on the America's Cup 2024, we recommend placing your bets at mostbet com sharhi.


The Reggae Boys have played five matches since October 2023. In their last two matches of Group B of the CONCACAF Nations League, Jamaica beat Grenada and Haiti by a combined score of 7:3. Then, in a friendly match with Guatemala, the team achieved a clean sheet in the world. In the LNC quarterfinals, the Jamaicans drew 4:4 on aggregate with Canada, being stronger at home and losing away.

Heimir Hallgrimsson's guys are the main outsider of the group, but they may well surprise. The Jamaican national team has quite a lot of players playing in various football divisions in England, and this indicates a fairly good level of performers. So, if the “reggae guys” do not make it to the playoffs, then they will be able to create problems for all members of the quartet.

Our forecast

Competitive Jamaica and Venezuela are likely to challenge volatile Ecuador, with the trio vying for second place in the group. At the same time, it is quite difficult to single out an absolute favorite in this trio; the “tricolor” looks a little more preferable here. The Mexicans, according to bookmakers, are most likely to finish first, and the “greens” are likely to succeed if Guillermo Ochoa and his partners properly tune in to the tournament.