Modern manufacturing operations rely on a wide range of sophisticated CNC machining and metalworking tools. The key to arranging your production space is selecting tools that suit your specific needs. Matching tools to their proper applications is your starting point. Meanwhile, you should also keep cost and versatility in mind so you can find the tools you actually need.

Tool Catalogs: Easily Select, Order & Get Fast Shipping

Saving money is a vital goal while you're tool shopping, but you also want to save time. Tool catalogs are an effective means to accomplish both objectives. These catalogs provide opportunities to review all your options and compare pricing all at once.

Many catalogs, such as Kennametal's First Choice system, offer interactive ordering. First Choice includes carefully curated collections of versatile, high-performance tools that handle around 80% of the most common machining applications in today's manufacturing operations. First Choice also comes with expert support to help clients choose tools that deliver the best performance in their applications and environments. It also offers another benefit: premium shipping. Orders placed before 6 p.m. Eastern Time are shipped on the same day.

Versatile & Cost-Effective Tools

While CNC machining setups are highly specialized, there's also room for versatility. Some tooling solutions use disposability as a core benefit. Kennametal's GO Drill is an excellent example. Each GO Drill bit is constructed from solid carbide, a material known for its durability, heat tolerance and ability to drill through many types of materials.

The GO Drill is specifically made for micro drilling applications. It features a marginless design that reduces friction and heat to extend tool life. It also comes equipped with a TiN top layer, which serves as a wear indicator.

Modular Machining Solutions

Modular tooling is another flexible and cost-conscious solution. Kennametal's KSEM modular drilling system is a pertinent example. Covering multiple drilling applications simultaneously, the KSEM system accepts several carbide inserts and is designed to operate within a specific diameter range. Coolant is internally routed to the cutting area, leading to optimal tooling life and efficient chip evacuation.

Modular tooling isn't limited to drilling applications. Other solutions, such as Kennametal's Beyond Evolution system, prove this point abundantly. This system combines grooving, cut-off, face grooving and multi-directional turning into one setup. Like other modular solutions, the Beyond Evolution system combines multiple steps to reduce production time and costs.

Choosing Your Tools

As you're procuring your metalworking tools, you should consider a few important factors: material properties, part design, production workflow and budget. Metals' unique properties such as hardness and heat tolerance dictate important factors such as coolant use and machine speeds. Design complexity governs your machining setup — modular tools may be ideal in many situations.

With so many metalworking tool options available, you have plenty to choose from. Several vendors offer their own interactive catalogs. If you need to know where to buy First Choice products, Kennametal is your best option. By partnering with a reputable vendor, you can also get expert guidance in choosing your tools to maximize productivity and efficiency while minimizing costs.