You often have heard about Hydrafinil also known as a novel eugeroic nootropic. Like other nootropics, it is similar in its effects to Modafinil. Scroll down to know about What is hydrafinil? Also, get interesting information about its pros and cons and how to buy it online? 

What is Hydrafinil? 

Hydrafinil as indicated by research is an intellectual energizer. It is 40% more powerful and less habit-forming than modafinil. It has fluorenol which is a liquor subordinate of fluorene. The hydroxyl bunch contains the spanning carbon between the two benzene rings. These rings are in the main isomer.  Besides it, Hydroxyfluorene changes over to fluorene by oxidation. The 9 fluorenol limit is roughly 367.5 °C. It isn't water-solvent. Moreover, it is cream-shaded in a glass-like powder structure. Hydrafinil 9 hydroxyfluorene has appeared as a suitable partner to modafinil. Because it is a helpless dopamine reuptake inhibitor. Moreover, it is 59% more vulnerable. Additionally, it is more eugeroic, making it less habit-forming than modafinil.

Buy Online

Buy Online Hydrafinil 9 fluorenol powder isn't directed. However, you can buy it from an online site that guarantees the products. Furthermore, make sure the quality guideline of the product like Hydrafinil. Nootrawpics.com is a confided-in vendor of the item. you can buy hydrafinil powder there. They give CoA and they likewise transport around the world. Costs may likewise change contingent upon area. 


It keeps you conscious without feeling drained or drowsy. Another benefit is a consideration. It assists with momentary consideration by supporting readiness for a more drawn-out period.

5 Advantages that Really Work

  1. Upgraded temperament.

Many individuals accept its stimulating effect. They believe that a portion of the powder or pill can support their perspective. This is owing to its serotonergic impact. 

  1. Less animating

 Fluorenol 9 ol's general impact seems to be milder. Hence, unfavorable responses might be all the more improbable. 

  1. Less habit-forming

Because of the diminished psycho-incitement, the powder is less habit-forming contrasted with modafinil. 

  1. Moderate

9 fluorenol powder is moderate at the normal cost of $25 for two grams. Whenever determined per portion, it would cost you just around $1.25 per portion of 100 mg. 

  1. Unregulated

The fluorenol 9 ol powder is unregulated making it available to any individual who needs it


Due to the absence of logical investigations, there is no guarantee of the safety of Hydrafinil 9 fluorenol powder or pill. The exploration use might be suitable to get the ideal incitement. A portion of the announced fluorenol 9 ol Hydrafinil results are the accompanying: 

  • Cerebral pain
  • Sickness
  • Anxiety
  • Discombobulating
  • Uneasiness
  • Trouble dozing
  • Gentle crash

What is the Exact Dosage of Hydrafinil?

Although there is more research needed to recognize the exact Hydrafinil dosage. Yet it is no harm to take just 50-150 mg powder or pill. A limit of 150 mg powder can be taken in hourly additions. Like some other enhancement, Hydrafinil 9 fluorenol can be stacked with other nootropics. This is to get the greater part of its possible advantages.