Bitcoin investment is still getting people's attention. A few months ago, we were surprised by the recording of the highest price of one Bitcoin, or what is known as ATH. So what is crypto ATH? If you’re interested in knowing how should innocent people trust the transfer via bitcoin visit this link to learn more.


ATH stands for All-Time High, which indicates the maximum price a digital asset has reached since it was first recorded. The opposite of ATH is ATL (All Time Low) which is the price of a cryptocurrency at its lowest point.

To know what crypto ATH is, you first need to understand the concept of crypto assets in the investment world. Bitcoins' first cryptocurrency is designed for anonymous ownership and can be stored or sent to others without intermediaries such as banks. Bitcoin was first introduced by a pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. As noted by Investing News, Bitcoin started trading at US$ 0.0008, which then rose to US$ 0.08 within a month. Finally, after three years, the price jumped to $250.

In November 2021, Bitcoin reached its highest price of US $ 68,990.9 per BTC. In 2021 the price of Bitcoin had more than doubled. One of the influential factors was Tesla's decision to invest US$ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. This auto manufacturer even accepts payments in BTC.

In the second position, there is the currency Ether (ETH). On May 10, 2021, ATH Ether reached US$ 4,642.48. It is the first time in history. The presence of Ethereum is an alternative to its predecessor, namely Bitcoin. However, investors also have other options so that the investment market is livelier. Stock analysts attribute Ethereum's soaring popularity to the growth of the Decentralized Finance ecosystem. As is known, "DeFi" has a massive role in replacing conventional financial products, such as loans and savings, which depend on banks.

Ether was created in 2013 with the new blockchain technology. This digital currency is designed as a software platform that can enable intelligent contracts with assets or applications without third-party intermediaries.

Quoted from the Independent, Hubert Olszewski, director of business development at Blockchain Board Derivatives, said Ether could take over Bitcoin's market cap as well as value. Ether is only a fraction of the market value of Bitcoin. The competition between Bitcoin and Ether is an interesting one. Everyone is racing to profit from the speedy fluctuations of cryptocurrency investments. You can also consider the right decision when investing in the crypto-asset market by paying attention to crypto ATH.

LDX Token, a Crypto Asset by the Children of the Nation

LDX Token is a crypto-asset developed by Litedex Protocol, a decentralized exchange platform purely created by the nation's children. This asset also has several global favorite projects, one of which is staking.

Based on official information by https://bitcoin-billionaire.com/, Litedex Protocol dares to become Indonesia's first decentralized e-exchange platform to adopt a multi-blockchain, such as Binance, Etherium, Solana, Huobi, and others. Furthermore, by developing traders' favorite projects, such as taking, arming, swab, and pool, LDX Token is believed to create a broad and sustainable ecosystem.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Litedex Protocol Andra L said, as a platform purely made by the nation's children, Litedex protocol projects, including LDX Token, received support from Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga. "Although a local child developed it, Litedex is optimistic that it will be able to penetrate the global market, of course with a clear underlying project and a favorite for investors," he said.

Unlike other crypto assets in Indonesia, LDX Token is developed by a local IT team without foreign parties. It starts from funding to make intelligent contracts made by professional IT professionals from within the country.

To provide security and comfort guarantees to investors, Litedex Protocol always carries out an audit process for each smart contract, such as the intelligent Token LDX contract, completed with satisfactory results. This policy is carried out consistently until all Litedex projects have primary status.

LDX Token can be the primary choice of investors because it carries the concept of Meta finance with the slogan "The Bridge of Metaverse Wealth. " Moreover, the Meta finance foundation built by Litedex makes LDX Token have an essential role in the world of Metaverse, that is insight.