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Baccarat trends:

Baccarat trends are just patterns that may appear when someone is playing a game. Experienced bettors who determine betting trends based on past results will use these trends. Most of these trends in online baccarat even capture in paper pen the results and develop strategies. These trends are fun and can be tested for hours.

Several popular trends can be used, namely:   

  • Zigzag Zone
  • Streaky Bankers and Players
  • Trend Switch Treatment
  • Hovering State

ZigZag Zone: 

This pattern shows that the results of each baccarat round are zigzag zone. In other words: either the player or the banker cannot be chosen, but between the two options, you have to make "chops." The results of the two series produced this trend. 

In addition, if the zigzag zone breaks and creates a player or dealer lane. If a breakout occurs only one or two times, it may also return to the zigzag zone. With this trend, wagering can be tremendous.

Trend switch treatment:  

This strategy first bets to determine and then follows the direction of the zigzag pattern and the continuous trend of the dealer and the player. Once you have two losses in one trend, switch to the other. 

In other words, if the zigzag pattern does not work for two consecutive bets, it will switch to the streak player/banker trend and vice versa. If you join this trend, try to be careful of zigzag patterns that do not work.

Hovering State:  

The Hovering State is something players don't like to see. It is a trend of no trend. In other words, บาคาร่าออนไลน์ is sometimes entirely random, and you cannot spot trends to plan your actions. It is called the Hovering State, and it is a trend that you need to adapt. No one likes that. Sometimes this "no trend" trend is difficult to accept. The best way is to stop playing and wait for the next shoe. 

These tendencies cannot help you win Baccarat because they are based on accidental factors; however, they can help you understand the game better and slightly increase your chances. Casino, don't forget to practice your strategy by playing free Baccarat first. It will teach you how to use trend reversal strategies and understand baccarat trends.

Bankers and Streak Players:

This tendency in shoes shows that the results are mainly one side focused. Only if it continues after the third line can you consider something a streak. The first and the second lines can also give results, but the safest bet is to begin from the third line. 

Edge Sorting:

You need to take into account that there is no ideal deck of cards to understand the edges sorting. Indeed, some abnormalities remain with even those created by the top car manufacturers. It is done involuntarily and is huge inseparable from an ordinary gamer.


But you can notice them by looking closer at the borders of some cards. That is precisely what Cheung Yin Sun and Phil Ivey called in other casinos to earn a benefit.