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When you start choosing a shipping container to buy, it is very important to analyze your needs, general characteristics, and container requirements.  What type of cargo are you going to transport?  How many goods or things do you want to put in a container?

In this case, you need to pay attention to the type, size, and all the advantages of your future purchase.  Undoubtedly, 45ft high cube shipping container is one of the leaders in the market.


The biggest advantage of High Cube ones that you can buy on the Pelican Containers website is their greater loading capacity.  Indeed, the 45-foot High Cube containers can accommodate more pallets at height, which makes it possible to store a greater number of goods. 

This additional space will also be able to be used for installing various additional infrastructures, which would not have gone into a standard container.  Thus, it is possible to add a ventilation system to the ceiling, lighting, or suspension hooks, depending on the needs of the customers and their type of goods.

If refrigerated containers of this type are only occasionally used for residential construction, you should know that in most cases in the real estate industry, standard Dry High Cube containers are used. In this case, the owners get a higher ceiling and as a result, more space for goods.

On the other hand, a 45ft high cube shipping container with a refrigerator is especially popular for storing and transporting delicate and perishable goods such as food (fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry and fish, dairy products and confectionery, etc.). Pharmaceutical or petrochemical products can also be stored there.

Moreover, the size of a 45ft high cube shipping container is 10% larger than a typical or standard refrigerated container.  The size is bigger only in height, not in width.

Most 45ft shipping containers offer temperatures ranging from -25 to +25 degrees, depending on your needs.  However, you can make a freezer room in it and then go down to -60 degrees.

Containers have a three-phase power supply for maximum efficiency.

How to choose between a 45ft standard shipping container and a 45ft high cube shipping container?

Discussing this question, it is important to understand that both are designed to be strong and durable, so there is no wrong answer. Moreover, both can be bought new and used and easily meet current standards.  

Anyway, it's a smart long-term investment.  Take into account the budget you want to allocate for these expenses, as well as the energy needs of each and especially the type of goods you will need to store or transport.

It is important to note that most of the containers come with a Pre-trip Inspection (PTI) certificate from sales, which is a testament to the efficient operation of the refrigeration units, for example, to make sure that they are equipped well.

Why shipping is a good solution for your business

Sea transport is the most used mode of transport when it comes to transporting goods (freight) on an international scale.  In most developed countries, Logistics looks like that: 72% of imports are by sea, and 80% of goods sold in the world circulate by sea.

This phenomenon is explained by a huge number of benefits:

  • Delivery is more profitable

The first advantage of sea transport over vehicle transport and in general all other modes of transport is the price.  The cost of shipping goods by sea is usually lower.  It costs about 30 times less than land transport since it does not require significant infrastructure costs, like roads,  except for ports.

The prices applied to the goods also refer to the weight of the goods.  In addition, loading and unloading are increasing faster, which increases the cost of mooring and, to a greater extent, other costs incurred.

These costs can also be optimized by choosing an international shipping company experienced in freight and which uses processes to benefit from good prices.

  • It is more ecological 

The transportation of goods by sea is less polluting than other kinds of transportation.  It even turns out to be the most environmentally friendly one, as it emits up to 5 times less carbon dioxide than trucking and up to 13 times less CO2 than air transport.

  • Shipping is more secure

Sea transportation is a great way to keep goods safe by packing them into containers. This way, whether the products are in bags, boxes, stored on pallets, etc., they will be completely airtight thanks to the container, which even makes it possible to store the products at a controlled temperature.

This vehicle also avoids breakage of goods even when transporting from door to door.

  • Flexible mode of transportation

Using sea transport for shipping different types of goods also means enjoying great flexibility with regard to the size and nature of the goods.  Sea transport is suitable both for the transportation of liquid bulk (food products, hydrocarbons, chemical products), and for solid bulk (foodstuffs, coal, minerals, etc.), or for miscellaneous goods or general cargo.

  • Good capacity

Sea transport also has the advantage of being able to transport a huge amount of goods.  Its storage capacity is very extensive and thus enables the transportation of large volumes of products over more or less long distances.  There are even containers suitable for so-called "oversized" goods, which are particularly bulky.

  • Possibility of consolidation for smaller volumes

There is no need to transport a large number of products to choose sea transport.  This mode of transport is also available for goods shipped in small parties, thanks to the grouping option.  This solution, specially designed for small volumes from 1 to 10 m3, consists of combining goods with other products in one container and in one place, it helps to avoid reserving the entire container.  In this case, the freight will be applied depending on the volume or weight of the goods.


Although this solution is more suitable for transporting personal things or moving, it can also be used by small businesses carrying a limited amount of products.