Often, youthfulness is associated with how one either looks or behaves. Physically, smooth skin, lustrous hair, etc., are the signs associated with youth. These features are due to a protein known as collagen.

The collagen protein is one of the body's most abundant or widely produced proteins. The production of this protein is vital to the various tissues present underneath the skin as it connects them. 

However, as collagen production begins to go down as people age, they can utilize products such as the HK Vitals Collagen supplements. These supplements assist people in various ways, as can be seen below.

Benefits of Using Collagen Supplements

Here are some notable advantages of using collagen supplements –

  1. Stronger Bones

The peptide-protein present in the collagen protein in the form of joined chains leads to better, stronger bones in people. The peptides do this by arresting the rate of bone loss and increasing the number of bone minerals produced. 

  1. Increase in muscle mass

When people exercise, their muscles get tired or exhausted quite easily due to the stress involved. This does not allow them to utilize themselves to the optimal level. 

The peptides present in the HK Vitals Collagen supplements allow the muscles to heal and recover faster. This recovery allows them to exercise for longer periods and achieve the fitness level they desire.

  1. Improved Skin Tone and Health

Since collagen is a connective tissue-based protein, it improves the skin quality of people consuming it. The protein replenishes the dead skin cells by increasing the level of cell production and joining the fractured tissues, which contributes to healthier skin tone.

  1. Better Quality of Sleep and Mood

Collagen protein supplements also contain an amino acid, glycine, which is quite essential. The reason behind this is that glycine reduces stress levels and thus contributes towards an improved mood and thus better quality of sleep. 

  1. Increased Gut Health

Consumption of the HK Vitals Collagen can also prevent issues like gastric inflammation in your gut or stomach.

Resultantly, it leads to an improvement in tissue production, which compensates for the loss of tissues due to inflammatory issues. 

What Are the Side Effects of Consuming Collagen Supplements If Any?

Although collagen protein supplements are generally quite healthy, the consumption of the same may lead to certain side effects such as: - 

  • Heartburn 
  • Bloating
  • Allergic skin reactions
  • Probable occurrence of kidney stones
  • Unwanted increase in the levels of calcium in the body

The above-mentioned issues are liable to occur due to the incorrect dosage or consumption of collagen supplements.

What Is the Recommended Dosage for The Consumption of Collagen Supplements?

Depending upon how they want to use it, people should consume HK Vitals Collagen supplements in the following manner: -

  • 2 scoops with water before meals for better gut health and improved sugar absorption 
  • 15 grams before a workout
  • 15 grams an hour before sleep for better mood and sleep quality

How Consuming HealthKart Vitals Collagen Help You?

People opting to purchase collagen supplements can purchase the HK Vitals Collagen by HealthKart from the HealthKart website. Moreover, HealthKart always uses a selection and combination of handpicked ingredients and naturally occurring substances to build its products. 

Therefore, this collagen supplement will contribute to people’s skin health by moisturizing the skin and improving its radiance, etc.


Taking HK Vitals Collagen supplements can do wonders to improve your skin health and stamina. However, it is always ideal to consult a doctor or an expert before starting the use of this supplement. If you have any existing condition where this product is unsuitable, you can avoid the repercussions.