Based on various researches, below are the five most used trading boards.


The first crypto trading board that is recommended is “eToro." Initially, eToro was a platform for investing in stocks. It has registered offices in Cyprus, Israel, the UK, the US, and Australia. It was later opened for trading in major cryptocurrencies. Today, eToro offers more than 40 cryptocurrencies to choose from, as well as future functionality and leverage. If you’re interested in knowing the overview of popular cryptocurrencies click here to learn more.

Pros: An exciting function is choosing to trade according to the traders on the platform. It is an interesting gimmick for beginner traders who want to study trading.

Convenience: eToro is not yet certified by the Thai SEC. Funds must be transferred to eToro's bank first, which will take approximately 1 -3 days to process.

Fees: There are no average trading fees, but every withdrawal is subject to a $5 fee. and has an initial deposit of about $150-200


 "Crypto trading board," established in 2012, is also the first trading board to IPO on NASDAQ and certified by the US SEC. Very popular in the US With a trading volume of over $300,000 per quarter, there are more than 40 coins and more than 400-coin pairs.

Pros: Coinbase is quite reliable based on the NASDAQ with cryptocurrency insurance. Investing in Coinbase is covered by FDIC insurance up to $250,000, helping to compensate users in the event of a hacker attack.

Convenience: As reported by Yuan Pay Group, Coinbase is not yet certified by the Thai SEC. Thai people can still not trade digital assets on Coinbase, but they can transfer assets to the platform.

Fees: Divided into levels. The fees depend on the amount of the asset traded, starting at 0.50% for both the bid opener and the bid receiver.


The new trading board is hot. Opened in 2017 and becoming the 2nd largest spot trading platform globally by 2021, OKX is based in Malta. With more than 20 million users worldwide, OKX has more than 250 coins.

Strengths: It has a variety of functions and features, just like Binance.

Convenience: OKX is not yet certified by the Thai SEC. Users can trade coins on P2P or through a Thai exchange like Satang Pro.

Fees: Tier is divided, where Lv 1 is 0.08% for Bid Openers and 0.10% for Bid Recipients, up to Lv 5 is 0.06% for Bid Openers and 0.08% for Bid Recipients.


TX is a trading board that is known to be equally popular. It has a head office in the Bahamas. In addition to the spot crypto trading services, the regular FTX trading platform offers a range of products that feature derivatives and functionalities of Stocks, Leveraged Tokens, Volatility, Fiat and Cryptocurrencies Trading, and Staking. There are over 300 pairs and over $9 billion in trading volume in 24 hours to receive interest on dividends on the exchange.

FTX has created the FTT Token, an ERC-20 standard token, for use on the FTX platform. In addition, FTT can be used as a fee discount.

Strengths: It has all kinds of functions and gimmicks in derivatives trading, which can be called speculation in all market conditions.

Convenience: FTX is not yet certified by the Thai SEC. Thai people can still not trade digital assets on FTX, but they can transfer assets to the platform.

Fees: Tier: Tier 1 is 0.02% for Bid Openers and 0.07% for Bid Recipients; up to Tier 6 is 0.00% for Bid Openers and 0.04% for Bid Recipients (if FTT has a minimum discount. at 3%)


It is one of the top 10 largest crypto exchanges globally, ranked by trading volume. It has around $6 billion in trading volume in 24 hours. Headquartered in Singapore and founded in 2017, Ku Coin has over 1,000 trading pairs and KCS as its Utility Token.

Not only that, but Kucoin also has full functionality and a pair of coins. In terms of trading, there are spot and margin trading, derivatives trading, futures, and leveraged tokens, crypto lending, and passive income by depositing. So keep assets on the platform and earn interest. Of particular interest to novice traders is that Kucoin has a Trading Bot system to help digital trade assets.

Pros: It has a variety of trading functions and is not complicated. Coins can be deposited on the system to earn interest. 

Convenience: Kucoin is not yet certified by the Thai SEC. Thai people can still trade digital assets on Kucoin, but they can transfer assets onto the platform.

Fees: Divided into trading volumes starting from 0.10% for Bid Openers and Bid Recipients up to 0.0125% for Bid Openers and 0.03% for Bid Recipients.