Everyone has thought at least once during the day that he wants to put all his duties off and just choose one of the most popular online casino slots and bet. Yet, for most people, it gets nothing but a dream because of the lack of time. Follow these tips to manage your time and spend more hours on activities you enjoy.

Pay Attention to the Essential Duties 

Do the most important tasks first. This is the main rule of time management. Each day, identify two or three tasks that are a priority and do them first.

Once you complete them, the day can already be considered a success. Move on to other things or postpone the rest to the next day because you have already done the most significant things.

Learn to Say No

Dealing with a large number of tasks in a limited amount of time can teach you how to control different projects and manage your time. And that’s excellent.

Yet, it’s easy to get carried away and underestimate your capabilities. Your goal is to only take on tasks that you know you have time for and can handle.

Get at Least Eight Hours of Sleep

Some people think that sacrificing sleep is a good way to increase productivity and free up a few extra hours in the day. But that’s not the best thing to do.

Most of us need 8 hours of sleep to keep both body and mind working optimally. You will feel it, listen to your body. Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep.

Concentrate on the Task 

Close all other browser windows. Put your phone in silent mode out of sight. Try to find a quiet place to work, or put on some music if it helps.

Concentrate on one single task, immerse yourself in it. Nothing else should exist at that moment.

Start Early

Almost all of us put things off until later. The task seems so simple that you’ll always have time to do it and end up procrastinating.

Get rid of procrastination, as it’s much more enjoyable to avoid troubles by getting things done beforehand. It’s not that difficult.

Don’t Get Distracted by Minor Details 

People often procrastinate on projects by dwelling too long on minor details. This is characteristic of perfectionists.

But it is much more effective to move forward, to complete a larger volume of the project, abandoning the previous desire to do everything perfectly. It is better to do everything as soon as possible, and upon completion to revise individual points. 

Turn Routine Tasks into a Habit

If you have regular tasks, you can plan them and make them your habit. Do it every day and do not change the schedule, then the activity becomes a habit. It becomes quite natural and enjoyable. Just try it!