The online gambling industry is very strict with its demands from operators. Operators have to follow specific patterns to follow for organizational, marketing, and competitions all over the world. All these demands stem from the fact gambling is a sensitive game.  As a result, most countries would have gambling operators obtain government licenses before offering games to gamblers. 

Things are not any different in Sweden. The government of Sweden monitors and regulates its online casino market. That means, for an online casino to operate in Sweden, such an operator must obtain a license from the government. Without such a license of operation, the casino would not be able to market its product in Sweden or target Swedish players. 

This regulation has, over the years, led to a sort of segregation amongst online casinos in Sweden. That is, those with government licenses and then a special category without license of operation called the casino utan svensk licens

One would think these casinos would not attract so many Swedish players, especially with the marketing restrictions. Interestingly, the casino utan svensk licens attracts many players from Sweden. This brings up many questions. For instance, what makes these casinos unique? Why do Swedish players risk it all to play with these casinos?

Read on as we explore five significant reasons why Swedish players prefer casinos without a license. 

Unlimited bonuses per player

According to government regulations in Sweden, licensed casinos can only offer players a welcome bonus. Even then, the total amount that they can offer these players has a limit of SEK100. This rule was put in place to help reduce the incidence of problem gambling in the country. 

On the other hand,  casino utan svensk licens do not have to worry about such limits. As a result, casino utan svensk licens casinos typically offer their Swedish players a range of bonuses. This means that players can still enjoy lots of other rewards from the system, asides from the regular welcome bonus. Swedish players can still have access to cashback, special deals, deposit bonuses, free spins, and lots more regularly. Considering the size and frequency of these juicy bonuses, it is easy to see why Swedish players prefer casino utan svensk licens casinos.


As a rule, the government of Sweden mandates that all casinos with its license must agree to use Spelpaus. Spelpaus in English means game break. It is the country’s national self-exclusion program from gambling. With spelpaus, punters can exclude themselves from gambling activities for as long as they want. So long as the program is active, the player's access to all gambling activities will remain blocked. The sad part is that punters can do nothing to reverse the decision once it is done, except the period is completed. While this is good for players with gambling addiction, it can be a challenge for people who want to enjoy their games.

Since spelpaus is a property of the Swedish government, casinos without their license cannot use the tool. While some sites have some self-exclusion schemes, there is none as intense as the spelpaus. That means players do not have to worry about the problems that come with the game break. They can easily opt-out of their game breaks when they want to with less stringent policies. 

Deposit limits

The Swedish gaming inspectorate sets a limit on how much punters can deposit per week. Every week, players can only deposit a maximum of SEK5,000, which is $540. The government put this in play to reduce unnecessary waste of money at online casinos, especially for people with gambling problems. However, this rule fails to recognize that gambling is a game of risk. That is, people get paid for taking a higher level of risks. The law creates some form of headache for high rollers who prefer to play where the stakes are higher for bigger wins. 

Such players do not have to worry about anything of such nature with casino utan svensk licens casinos. Casinos without the Swedish gaming license can accept as many deposits from their players as they would want. This makes them a go-to for players that want to risk more to win more.  


To play with a licensed online casino in Sweden, one has to present a valid BankID. Also, the casino would request some of your personal and financial information before they allow you to register. This means you have to expose your identity before you can gamble with licensed online casinos in Sweden. The process also has issues because it requires that the casino verifies your identity, which sometimes can take hours. 

On the other hand, you do not need to present a BankID to play at an unlicensed casino. Meaning, your identity is safe, and you get to avoid the long hours of waiting for verification.  

3-second rule 

As part of government regulation, the government expects all licensed casinos to have a 3-second rule in their slot games. That means players would be compelled to wait for 3 seconds before proceeding to spin for the next round. The 3 seconds interval, according to the government, is to allow players to think clearly and be sure they want to play another game. 

This comes as a big issue for many Swedish players who prefer to enjoy their games while things are hot. As a result, many of them like to play with unlicensed operators that do not have such rules in place. 


Many Swedish players prefer casino utan svensk licens because they give them the freedom to enjoy their games. However, there are some perks to gaming with casino utan svensk casinos. First, you must know that your earnings from these casinos are taxed. Also, the number of games available with unlicensed casinos is limited. That is because big brands in the gambling industry prefer to work with regulated casinos. Therefore, you will likely find games from less popular brands when you visit unlicensed casinos. In all, be careful when dealing with unlicensed casinos. Ensure that you have done a thorough check on the casino before you attempt to play with them.