If you are looking where to make check-cashing, then you are likely to stumble upon several financial institutions, online banking platforms, and even several payment gateways at once.

But which ones actually offer to check-cashing? Everyone wants an easy way out of everything: an easier life, an easier way to make payments and do business without the hassle.

If you need to pay a bill or an individual, but you need to have cash with you, then try to consider some locations to cash out. In addition, take a paper document ordered by the bank to pay you a certain amount of money, providing you with check cashing. CapitalPacificLoans's check-cashing locator will come in handy thanks to the proven online MFO. 

How Does Check Cashing Occur?

First of all, make sure that you can trust the person who gave you the check for the check-cashing process. This is the most important step in the entire check-cashing process. Otherwise, an invalid or fake check can give you a lot of trouble. By virtue of the correct operation of check cashing, accept checks only from people whom you know and whom you can trust one hundred percent. If you're accepting payment from someone you don't know (let's say someone offers to pay with a check for your grandma's carpet that you decide to sell), it's better to ask for cash if that's an option.

If you are sure that your check is valid, then before going to the bank, make sure you have the following information provided:

  • Personal details (full name and address) of the person who gave you the check;
  • Up-to-date contact details of the party involved in the check cashing process so that you can contact the party in case you have problems during the check cashing process;
  • The name of the bank that issued this check for the check-cashing process.

It is necessary to confirm the liquidity of the check before you make a check-cashing operation. To do this, sign on the back of the check on the horizontal signature line. Do not sign the check in advance of going to a banking institution so that it cannot be cashed by strangers in case of loss. If you do not confirm the liquidity of the check, then the bank will most likely encounter difficulties in the check-cashing operation.

Make Check Cashing as Early as Possible

Some checks used by employers have an expiration date. If there is no expiration date on the check, then banks cannot cash checks that were issued more than six months ago. To get paid quickly, be sure to cash your check on time.

Make a Deposit at Your Bank's ATM

This is another way to check to cash. When using an ATM for check cashing, your funds will be automatically transferred to a current bank account. Please note that this operation may take from one to three business days. If you have any funds in your bank account, you can continue to use them. This is a quick way to ensure that the money will be transferred from the check directly to your bank account.

To deposit a check through your bank's ATM, you need to:

  • Insert a bank card into an ATM;
  • Enter the PIN code of the card and click "Next";
  • Select the "Deposit Check" button;
  • Insert a check into a deposit slot;
  • Confirm the amount for which your check is drawn;
  • Withdraw money when it is transferred to your bank account.

Best Check Cashing Locators

Where can I carry out a check-cashing operation?

Banks or Credit Unions

These institutions may require customers to pay a fee. But in spite of everything, they should be able to go to a local bank or credit union branch to request a money transfer. You do not need to have a bank or credit union account to do this.

Postal Service in the United States

Visit any post office with cash, card, or traveler check. In this case, you will not be able to pay for the money transfer by debiting it from your credit card. You need to pay a fee of $1.45 for amounts from 1 cent to $500 and $1.95 for amounts over $500.01 and $1,000. Most of the postal offices are located in the US. Availability and cost vary by location. Their commission varies depending on the location and ranges from 1% to 3% of the cost of the money transfer...

CVS Pharmacy

CVS operates and owns thousands of US pharmacies. Cash is the only form of payment accepted for money transfers at the CVS pharmacy. You must have a valid ID with you to carry out a check-cashing transaction.


Although Kmart closed all stores in the US last year, it still owns and operates several other stores in order to carry out the check-cashing process. If there is a Kmart store near your area, call to see if the store is capable of check cashing. You can carry out a check-cashing operation with a debit card without additional commission for its use.


Kroger is available to many in the US, but not every Kroger store provides checks to cash. For those who do, fees and limits vary by location. You can also cash out money orders at participating Kroger outlets, but a check cashing fee will apply.


Meyer provides money orders. You can pay for a money transfer with a debit card without additional fees or carry out a cash checking process.


Publix operates 1,300 offices in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. It sells and cash-out money orders in all stores except for GreenWise Market stores.


Walmart stores are located throughout the United States. You can check cash at Walmart. If you want to make a money transfer, then the maximum commission is $1. There is no additional fee for paying with a debit card. You can also cash out money orders if they were purchased from Walmart. It has an area limit with a daily high of around $1,000.