This article was created by Izabelle Foster, a qualified and experienced linguistics specialist. She is a professional writer and knows the secrets of writing exciting essays. Right now, she works as an educational consultant at PapersOwl, a trusted online education platform.

Writing a quality and touching essay requires expertise, time, and mental resources. It’s a creative task that requires inspiration. Sometimes, you may find yourself at a loss because you don’t know how to complete this mission and create an essay that will touch your audience and surprise your tutors. But you need to know how to deal with challenges. In this post, we’ll share some tips that will help you create an exciting college essay. Get comfortable and have a look!

Ask Qualified Writers for Help

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Choose a Narrow Theme

The most typical students’ mistake is choosing a too broad topic. Remember that you have a limited number of words (500-1000 words). It is really hard to cover a general topic when you are limited in words. Therefore, you have to narrow down the topic. Study a more general theme and choose what aspects you want to cover. In this case, you’ll create an informative and catchy essay that will definitely reach your targeted audience.

What Do You Find Interesting about the Chosen Theme?

The main mistake all students make is trying to write what your tutor wants to read. That’s a huge mistake, don’t do this! Read the topic, learn everything about it, and ask yourself, “What surprises me? What do I find interesting?” No matter what the theme is, - history, linguistics, science, - there are many facts that can shock you. When you see this story of surprise, you’ll create an exciting essay that will be interesting for you and will definitely impress your audience.

Always Structure Your Essay

Remember that an essay is an academic paper; it’s not your stream of thoughts. Therefore, it must be structured appropriately. Any college essay typically includes the following sections:

  • An introduction that grabs the reader’s attention;
  • Three or five body paragraphs that cover the topic;
  • A brief conclusion that summarizes your thoughts.

It will be easier for you to complete the task when you create a detailed outline. Research a theme, think about the ideas you want to cover, and write down a brief plan of headings and subheadings. When you structure your essay, it will be easier for you to complete the task. You know what ideas are already covered and what paragraphs are still waiting for your inspiration.

Base Your Essay on Trusted Sources

For creating a powerful essay, you need to be source heavy. Well, what does it mean? Everything is easier than you might think. Remember that any essay should be based on trusted sources. You are allowed to share your opinion about the topic, but if you want to create an exciting and powerful essay, you need to read a lot. It is clear that the chosen topic has already been studied by various scientists before you. So use their achievements in your paper. Add more quotes or re-phrase them, giving proper credit. This technique makes the process of writing easier. Moreover, it will help you get a higher grade!

Start Writing with Body Paragraphs

Sometimes, it is really hard to focus on your introductory section. If you feel like you don’t understand how to catch the readers’ attention, keep this task for later. For some students, it is really hard to focus on your introductory section. That’s why it would be better if you figure out the critical points of your essay and focus on the main paragraphs. 

Try to Avoid Slang

There are some words that you can’t use in your college essay. However, a lot depends on the theme of your essay. If the topic allows, you can use some cliches. But mostly, it is better to use more formal language. 

Overall, writing an essay is a creative assignment. Still, following our pieces of advice, you’ll definitely tackle that challenge and create a top-notch essay that will impress your tutor and your audience.