It is undeniable that New York is a robust city with some of the most exciting backdrops in the U.S. When we aren’t all in lockdown, this city is not just the home to the best stadiums or the capital of baseball but one of the best places to host an event in the entire world.

There are thousands of event spaces in New York that are just perfect for that private wedding. Talk about corporate gigs, birthday parties, engagement dinner or wedding receptions, New York City bares it all. You’re sure to find a suitable venue in your preferred location where you can create lasting memories. From lofts, galleries and banquet hall to conference centres and rooftop bars, there’s a place for your special occasion in New York.

Even then, it is not that easy. The magic of a good and memorable weekend doesn’t happen automatically. You must put in some time and thought into the planning process. One of the crucial steps to hosting a unique and memorable event in New York is finding an appropriate venue. But that is not all. Finding a perfect venue is just the first steps in planning your event.

In this article, we cover some important tips to help you host a successful event in a New York event venue.

  •         Think about the equipment you’ll need

While choosing a perfect venue is a major win and a step in the right direction, it is how you transform the event space that will either translate to a memorable occasion or one to be forgotten immediately. This is where your event equipment comes in; this includes chairs, banners and other decorations you may want to bring in. It is important to keep all these in mind when scouting for a venue because where and how you place them within the venue can either make or break your event.

Make sure that you still have plenty of room even after bringing in all the equipment. It is pointless to have equipment occupying most of the space with very little room left for your guests. This is particularly unacceptable at this time where the Covid-19 guidelines emphasize the importance of social distancing. Besides, your guests will feel jittery and uncomfortable being crammed in a room. One of the best ways of handling this is to ensure you have a floor plan for your event venue in NYC detailing what goes where and how the entire space will be used.

  •         Consider Lighting

Lighting is critical when looking for event venues in New York and can really set and scene and tell a story, yet many people overlook it. You don’t want to be surprised by a poorly lit venue on the day of the event when there’s so little you can do other than apologizing to your guests. If you plan on hosting an event during daylight hours, you need to check just how much light the windows can provide. Check to see that the event venue has alternatives to daylight that you can substitute with whenever the need arises. Most importantly, ensure that there’s adequate light on the stage where speeches will be delivered because a poorly lit stage is in itself a huge distraction for guests.

  •         Have a movement plan

It is annoying when you have visitors moving in all directions when you’re not hosting a cocktail. This tends to create a sense of confusion. To avoid this, you can have a movement plan for your event venue New York. This will guide guests on where to go, when to go there and for what. A movement plan will also help you to guide speakers at your even on where to sit and how to get on the stage or the backstage area as well as where they can find your staff or ushers should they need help. It is important to take note of the number of entrances or exits that the venue has as it also guides visitors on how to access important facilities like the parking and cloakroom.

  •         Take event staff into account

Let’s face it, you can hardly pull off a great event by yourself. You will in most cases work closely with your staff in the case of corporate events or close friends and family members for social events. Yet, you can easily forget to include a staff area that also serves as a command centre to your event. You need to check if the event venue New York has a separate area from the main event arena so that you decide where to carve out an area where you can congregate with your team when you need to. This will also help to avoid confusion.

When you set out to look for a venue from the thousands of event spaces available in New York, you must think beyond just how stunning the venue is and take into account the functional aspect. This will no doubt ensure that you have a successful and memorable event.