If you have a medical marijuana card, chances are you get nervous when it's time to get behind the wheel or travel somewhere, especially to another state. Though many states in the U.S. have relaxed their laws concerning legal marijuana by either legalizing or decriminalizing it, it can still be nerve-wracking to travel with legal cannabis. Not to mention, the current situation in American concerning police officers has been volatile, to say the least. That's why it's crucial to pay attention to these tips and guide for how to travel with legal cannabis.

1. Start a Small Grow

One way to avoid having to travel with legal cannabis? Try starting a small grow. Some people may be picturing an extensive operation with huge lights and plants as far as the eye can see, but if you're only growing for personal use, a plant or two is fine. The first step to starting a grow is finding a reliable source of seeds. You can find more options at Weed Seeds USA, an American-based souvenir seed bank with a wide range of cannabis seeds, offering over 450 different strains for the discerning cannabis smoker.

2. Complete In-Depth Research

Before traveling anywhere, take the time to do your homework. Research the most current laws concerning cannabis in the state you'll be visiting. Laws that protect medical marijuana patients vary significantly from state to state, so it's crucial to find the correct information concerning your rights. Unfortunately, no matter what state you travel to, technically being in possession of marijuana is a violation of federal law since it's still a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. Some states do offer some kind of leniency regarding medical marijuana patients, but it's still wise to research the current laws and regulations before traveling. It's also essential to carry cannabis in an airtight container to keep it from deteriorating and avoid that distinctively strong smell from being noticeable to those nearby.

3. Bring a Current Prescription Card

Always carry a prescription card and any type of medical paperwork proving you're a legally enrolled medical marijuana patient--it's incredibly important. In fact, every medical marijuana user should always carry a current, up-to-date copy of their prescription card and have their physician and lawyer's phone number on speed dial.

4. Avoid Carrying Paraphernalia

While some might prefer smoking cannabis from a pipe, it's always a better idea not to bring any type of paraphernalia when traveling. Instead, explore different methods: try edibles like gummies or bring pre-rolls. While medical marijuana users are protected in some instances by a prescription card, if you have paraphernalia and are stopped by the cops or airport security, it can potentially be an extra charge.

Bottom Line: Do the Research

The bottom line when it comes to traveling with legal cannabis? Take the extra time to do in-depth research concerning the state or location where you're traveling. Though medical marijuana patients have some fundamental rights and protections provided to them, it's still a wise idea to be vigilant and wary when traveling with cannabis. Be sure always to carry an up-to-date version of your prescription card, too. Try to avoid carrying any paraphernalia, as this can actually be an extra charge if you were ever to be stopped by the police. Store legal cannabis in an airtight container to avoid strong smells, and keep the numbers for your doctor and lawyer on speed dial. However, don't be discouraged from traveling-;cannabis is a vital medicine to many people, and thankfully, more and more states are starting to recognize that.