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Handbags are an essential part of your wardrobe but selecting them is not so simple. In addition to color, texture, and fabric many more factors come into play while selecting a handbag. Though often ignored, the selection of the right handbag has much to do with your body shape. A handbag holds the power to improve or degrade your body figure depending on your choice. We have compiled this guide to help you select the handbags that positively complement your body shape. You have to start by determining your body shape which can be done easily using a body shape calculator.

For Hourglass-Shaped Body

Hourglass shape means that your body is well balanced with shoulders and hips of roughly the same size and a well-defined narrow waist. This is an ideal figure and must not be covered by any handbag. Any medium-sized bag or drawstring bag will look good. 

For Apple-Shaped Body

An apple-shaped body means that your waist is larger than both your shoulders and hips. The goal is to create an impression of a balanced body. Small, short strapped bags will bring the heavy waist light while larger, long strapped ones will shift the focus away from the waist presenting a more balanced outlook.

For Rectangle Shaped Body

A rectangle-shaped body has all the parts of roughly the same size so the goal is to create an illusion of curves. Bags with long straps and oversized bodies are the best ones for this type.

For Pear-Shaped Body

A pear-shaped body means that the hips are wider than either waist or shoulders. To avoid looking more thicker waist down, use short strap bags to keep the focus on the waist up. Shoulder bags are good options.

The design and length of the bag play a very important role in complementing your figure and thus your overall look. Don’t just go for any bag you come to like because of its color or any other aesthetic appeal. Careful consideration of your body size and the size, and strap length of a bag is essential to ensure a balanced appearance. 

It is common sense that a small woman with a huge bag will look odd for it will be the most prominent thing in her whole appearance. Such a woman should have a medium size bag with not so long strap to give a vertically enhanced look. Similarly, tall women won’t look well with bigger, wider bags. Short straps will also make them look abnormally tall while long strapped bags will provide a balanced look. 

When it comes to plus-size women, having a small bag will make them look even bigger, and a large bag will give them a bulky odd look. Instead go for medium-sized, structured bags that don’t add any size of their own and just compliment the curvy body figure. 

Carefully determining your body shape and then selecting bags, apparel, and other accessories will help you attain your perfect self.