Do you live alone? Or do you not have anyone that you know that enjoys travel? If so, it can feel that you aren’t getting to go abroad or experience new things in a way you like.

pexels yaroslav shuraev 1553962For while solo travel can be great fun and cause you to learn a lot, it can also be pretty lonely at times. If you are looking to get past this and try a different sort of trip, why not consider booking a holiday that is actively designed to be more social? Luckily there are a host of trip options out there if you’re looking to get your social fix. Here we write about just a few to get you inspired. Let us know your thoughts!

The Camino trail

The  Camino walk is a pilgrimage that is scenically beautiful and challenging in equal measure. It is a fantastic way to really stretch yourself and push your boundaries while also receiving the encouragement of those around you. One of the oldest pilgrimage routes in the world, it ends in Camino de Santiago Spain, and will be a real achievement. There are many trips and organized holidays you can choose for this that will get you there as a group.

A retreat holiday 

Another fabulous way of meeting people when traveling or ensuring you don’t have a lonely trip is through a retreat. There are a host of dedicated retreat holidays you can take, including yoga retreats and other fitness ones. They tend to all be focused on like-minded individuals meaning you will probably meet others that are like you and can fast become lifelong friends. Consider your budget for this, whereabouts in the world you want to go, and the activities you want to indulge in once you get there. Who knows what you might get up to - great memories are guaranteed!

Go on an adventure trip

Adventure trips are a fantastic way to meet others as well as get active when you are there too. There are many travel agents that offer the option to book group adventure holidays where you will meet a range of other individuals also signed up. It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone both mentally and physically and also meet some great friends. Be sure to bring a camera and your sportswear for this one - you won’t regret it!

These are just a few ideas for social holidays that you can take this year. If you want all the benefits of traveling, while also enjoying the security and sociability of traveling with people, it is an ideal compromise. You could also consider reaching out to travel groups such as those that can be found on Google and seeing if anyone on there is looking for a travel buddy to go away with - just be sure to remain safe and vigilant at all times. Are you heading away this year? Where are you going? Let us know, we’d love to hear your social holiday ideas!