Start your career the right way as an agent working with a leading discount merchant account service provider. Whether you’re unhappy with your current merchant service sales position or wish to enter the field for the first time, use these six tips to partner with a leading company and get more out of your career as a successful merchant account agent.


1. Look for Flexible Scheduling

One of the greatest advantages of a career in merchant services is a flexible schedule. Don’t work with a company that forces a strict operating schedule on you, but work when and how you want. Set your own sales goals, manage your own schedule and enjoy the freedom that comes from spending your time how you want. Plan a schedule around your peak productive times and take vacations when you want, not when a manager tells you that you can.

2. Avoid Income Caps

Most merchant account agents receive upfront bonuses based on sales numbers. There are, however, some companies that place maximum bonuses on their agents. There’s nothing worse than signing on a record number of clients only to find out you only received partial payment for all your hard work. Choose a team that doesn’t offer any income caps on your success to set your own salary goals.

3. Ask About Training Opportunities

Don’t let failed sales calls get to you. There are always hurdles to overcome in the world of sales, so partner with a company that understands the challenges of credit card processing careers. One-on-one training opportunities are critical to growing your skills and improving your success rate.

4. Review Hardware and Software Options

It’s difficult to improve your success rate with subpar products. Don’t waste your time trying to sell products that aren’t helpful, but proudly sell cutting-edge hardware and software to local businesses. Modern POS systems offer dramatic improvements over outdated systems. It’s easy to learn the advantages of these software and hardware options and easy to get excited about helping out business owners.

5. Discuss Residual Income Benefits

Residual income comes from successfully managing a client and encouraging them to continue to work with your company. As the primary contact for all their hardware and software questions, you deserve additional payment. Be sure you receive residual income from successful monthly renewals on payment processing services.

6. Find Out When You Can Start

Don’t wait for months to achieve your first sale. Find out how quickly you can start and what you can do to accelerate your training program. Simple, effective training gets you contacting clients quickly and earning the salary you deserve. Be wary of programs that require lengthy or costly training before you get to start earning.

Improve Your Work Situation as a Merchant Account Agent

Launch a new career with a leading merchant account service provider to enjoy a flexible schedule, unlimited income potential and quality training. Review the latest features of the Clover Mini POS and Clover software to spread the word and make a sale. Use these six tips to find a quality account service to partner with and grow your own business.