Many non-traditional learners and recent college grads return to school for a master's degree. Unlike a standard undergraduate degree with variant course options, a master's degree offers specialized skills and familiarity concerning one academic subject. Despite being a significant financial investment, a master's degree can increase career paths and qualify graduates for managerial positions.

People choose to chase MS programs with many motives. Some are eager to learn new experiences and skills to grow in their field. Others want to change industries and careers altogether and attend a program to gain the expertise they need to break the mold. Other professionals choose a radical degree for the financial benefit, whether it be a new career in a more productive industry or a higher-paying part in their existing field.

Nonetheless, your education level can substantially impact your earning potential and career options. People with MS degrees have a better chance at high-paying jobs than those with college degrees. Therefore, let's learn about some of the seven highest-paying master's degrees to discover which school-path could benefit you as a career choice in 2021.


Individuals with a master's degree in political science have numerous career options, such as the local government, education, and politics – all high-paying sectors. Regardless of the job title, they make forecasts, produce original research, and analyze political trends. However, every professional with a political science degree has a unique way of spreading education and learning something new. That said, some political scientists prefer to start a career instructing students while writing scholarly books and articles. Others use their unique skills to advise candidates running for a federal, state, or local office. 

Other than that, political scientists can work for private organizations and companies that donate to political interest groups and campaigns. Moreover, a political scientist's median salary is $122,220, with a butt-load of job options.


Gain high-level training and sustain leadership qualities using an online MSA degree to solve problems and draw insights. 

The reasons for pursuing this degree are plenty. Organizations of all types have been collecting large amounts of data on their markets, infrastructure, customers, and processes. Then, they analyze the information to create both machine-based intelligent systems and business insights that are efficient and effective. And thus, analytics has become a dynamic and broad field with a significant scarcity of individuals with superior knowledge in advanced analytics.

Moreover, the career outcomes are all manager-level positions, including advertising and promotions manager, data scientist, big-data architect, management analyst, logistician, general and operations manager, etc.


Petroleum engineers with a master's degree play a vital role in extracting natural gas and oil from deposits deep underneath the earth. Their job duties include creating plans for drilling, ensuring the workers' safety, and surveying drilling sites. They also contribute with geoscientists to figure out potential drilling solutions and obstacles. 

Furthermore, drilling engineers countercheck the drilling process and determine environmental impact, whereas production engineers operate active wells.

  1. Library Sciences 

The majority of librarian positions demand a master's in library science. The coursework for this degree typically covers organization and classification strategies for magazines, books, reference materials, and advanced research methods, along with other publications. And based on many reports, an individual with a master's in library science carries an employment rate of 85% within a few months of graduation. 

Potential roles include academic libraries at universities and colleges, law librarians who assist legal offices and lawyers, and corporate librarians who work for private businesses. 


This multidisciplinary field turns health care systems into the informational zone. Master of Science in Health Informatics provides advanced informatics training to those who want to become researchers. This program is more likely to appeal to the early adopters within the healthcare sector, individuals, and health professionals involved in the implementation with an interest in hosting research. 

In terms of professional roles, an individual with a health informatics degree can score various leadership-level positions. The options include software engineers and programmers, a clinician with a health informatics leader, research and development scientist, health IT sub-specialist, practitioner/clinician consultants, implementation managers, and many more.


If you're an admirer of video games and would excel in something like that, a master of science in internet systems can open multiple production doors. An MSIS is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to apply their creative settings skills to debug systems and create video games. Indeed, it's a high-paying degree with a median salary of $80,000. 

Besides being an excellent financial investment, an MSIS is fun and intuitive, particularly for those who have a creative mindset. The coursework covers animation for gaming, interactive programming design, programming and implementation, gameplay and level design, and pre production. 

Furthermore, CNN positions video game design as one of the best careers for graduates with a master's degree in IT.


It's pretty much impossible for a chemical-graduate to expand his/her career without advancing their degree. That said, chemical engineers will require a master's degree to grow professionally; otherwise, the job options are limited. 

Their duties include producing and testing products, equipment design, overseeing manufacturing processes, and more. Most of the time, chemical engineers work in chemical industries and satisfy needs in other fields, such as electronics, product manufacturing, healthcare, and photography. 


Suppose you're wondering whether earning a master's degree is worth the shot or not. In that case, pursuing professional education comes with various perks, including an increased earning potential. So for the sake of progressive learning and advanced job-levels, please give it a go!

When selecting a program, be sure to consider a few factors, such as how it will assist you in achieving your professional and personal goals. Also, choosing the right school is another factor. There are many famous universities out there that'll provide you with excellent job incentives once you've completed your masters. Till then, it's better to focus on your goals and become an astounding member of your field.