Maintaining sparkling white teeth can be difficult. Everyone knows that white teeth make a person more attractive. Unverified reports show that white teeth can make a person appear at least ten years younger and 20% more attractive.

Most people notice the teeth more than any other body part. Therefore, the color and health status of the teeth may significantly affect an individual's personal and professional relationships.

Primal Life Organics reports that a whiter smile magnifies the chances of getting a job by up to 58%. Healthy and whiter teeth increase the chances of getting better salaries after an interview. Many people are willing to go to great lengths to get a teeth-whitening solution. Unfortunately, most of the conventional teeth whitening remedies are too expensive, impractical, and may cause dental issues with prolonged usage.

Primal Life Organics is an America-based company renowned for making various health and beauty products. Their latest development is a teeth-whitening remedy that supposedly clears discolored teeth, strengthens dental health, and provides other benefits. Is the product worth the hype? Who can use the teeth whitening product?

About the Primal Life Organics LED Whitening System

The Primal Life Organics LED Whitening System is a revolutionary tooth whitening system using the latest technology to give users a brighter smile. It supposedly eliminates the use of harsh bleaches, chemicals, or undergoing an expensive dental procedure. The V4 LED Whitening System brightens teeth to six shades in under sixteen minutes.

The V4 LED Whitening System is supposedly safe and quickly provides users with quality results. It uses a new technology backed by science and numerous clinical trials. The teeth whitening solution can also give users happiness and better oral health.

Primal Life Organics advertises the V4 LED Whitening System as a chemical-free remedy that addresses the root of discolored teeth. It is 100% portable and provides almost instant results. Per the official website, the product clears "years" of yellow teeth built up without giving the users nasty side effects.

What Causes Teeth Yellowing?

Coffee, wine, juice, and other minerals can cause gradual teeth discolorations. Experts claim some natural healthy foods like blueberries, strawberries, and pomegranates can diminish the teeth' color.

According to the American Dental Association, your mouth contains various helpful and harmful bacteria. About 20 minutes after a meal, the bacteria start attacking the topmost layer of the teeth (enamel). Most people "protect" the enamel by brushing their teeth immediately after every meal.

Studies indicate that practicing oral hygiene directly after a meal can damage the enamel. Commercial teeth whiteners often contain harsh bleaches and other chemicals that damage the enamel instated of treating it. The mouth absorbs toxins, spreading them to other body parts, thus affecting cellular health.

How Does the Primal Life Organics LED Whitening System Work?

The Primal Life Organics LED Whitening System targets internal and external yellowing without harsh chemicals. Harmful oral practices expose the dentin layer, therefore, harming the enamel. Additionally, plaque, trauma, and unhealthy bacteria damage dentin.

This LED Whitening System repairs and nourishes the dentin layer to expose a bright smile. Similarly, it balances the mouth bacteria and combats plaque buildup. The Red LED light supposedly heals the dentin and eliminates unwanted mouth microbes.

The Red LED light from the V4 LED Whitening System is gentle and ideal even for sensitive teeth. It painlessly removes the unwanted yellow layer to expose strengthened dentin. Per the official website, it speeds dentinogenesis and dentin regeneration. It also improves tooth metabolism and combats unhealthy inflammations in the mouth.

The blue LED light works to lift the harmful plaque. The two LED light combination act as dual action to detox and whiten the teeth. It can reverse years of plaque accumulation and quickly give users the desired smile.

How to use the Primal Life Organics LED Whitening System

The Primal Life Organics LED Whitening System is an easy-to-use kit. It is portable and convenient. Below are simple steps to follow to maximize the effectiveness of the whitening kit:

  • Apply the whitening gel on the mouthpiece or teeth
  • Secure the mouthpiece on the teeth and select the ideal mode
  • Wait for the V4 LED Whitening System to work on the teeth for about 16 minutes
  • Remove the mouthpiece and rinse the mouth with warm water
  • Clean the mouthpiece and store it for later usage

The Primal Life Organic LED Whitening System automatically shuts itself down after 16 minutes. Users must apply the correct quantity of gel to receive quality results.

Primal Life Organics recommends that customers will notice quality results after the first use. However, using the whitening kit 3-4 times in the first week is best. Customers can use the device once a week for maintenance.

Key Features and Benefits of the Primal Life Organics LED Whitening System

Natural and Chemical-free - The V4 LED Whitening System is a natural method of exposing the white dentin and protecting the teeth against yellowing and unhealthy plaque buildup. Primal Life Organic assures the users that it has zero bleach and other common harsh teeth-whitening chemicals.

Portable - V4 LED Whitening System is a lightweight kit with zero batteries. Per the creator, you can use the device in less than 20 minutes. Similarly, it is portable, and you can comfortably use it at home. The LED Whitening System is user-friendly, and you do not need to book a dental appointment.

Durable - V4 LED Whitening System is designed to give users service for up to 15 years. Primal Life Organics claims it is easy to maintain, affordable, and developed using quality material.

Painless - V4 LED Whitening System kit is not harsh to the mouth. It does not give users any discomfort and is soft to the mouth.

Combines Red and Blue LED Light – Per the maker, the V4 LED Whitening System utilizes Red and Blue LED light to clean the enamel and dentin. It cleanses and detoxifies the teeth to provide a long-lasting solution.

What is Inside the V4 LED Whitening System?

Most teeth whitening products contain carbamide peroxide, which may cause teeth and mouth issues with prolonged usage. V4 LED Whitening System contains natural activated charcoal, 15 essential oils, three types of natural clays, and olive oil. All these ingredients are natural and offer the users quality results quickly.

The activated charcoal balances the pH. of the mouth hence reducing acidity and preventing cavities. Additionally, activated charcoal draws positively charged molecules and toxins that may lower cellular health. The three different clay types in V4 LED Whitening System serve as a potent antibacterial that reduces the chances of infection.


The Primal Life Organics LED Whitening System is only available from the official website. The maker is giving attractive discounts plus other offers. The V4 LED Whitening System contains the following:

  • One travel case
  • Single LED whitener complete with adapters (400 nm blue light and 700 nm red light)
  • Boost Whitening gel syringes

The V4 LED Whitening System is wireless and uses zero batteries. Additionally, the customers do not need a molding tray. You can connect the device to your phone. Primal Life Organics claims that LED lights can last up to 15000 hours.

The V4 LED Whitening System has a 365-days warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The V4 LED Whitening System is a natural kit that can brighten a smile using zero harsh chemicals. It is a portable, affordable, and user-friendly kit designed to give users up to 15 years of service. Primal Life Organics advertises it as a safe and natural alternative to chemical-based teeth whitening procedures. Visit the official website to purchase the kit today!

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