Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, people’s lives have changed in dramatic ways. They’re now working differently, as well as dating differently. And, according to experts, when it comes to meeting someone for a date, it isn’t so simple anymore. 

First Off, There’s Been a Rise in the Use of Dating Apps

Once the pandemic hit, and lockdowns were put in place, many people began using dating apps to find potential matches online because they could no longer go out with their friends to local restaurants, bars, and clubs to meet new people anymore. Usage of dating sites and apps rose, and reports of downloads of popular dating apps surging also started circulating pretty early on in the year when the pandemic first hit. 

Apps are really convenient, and anyone can use them, so it’s no wonder that, during a pandemic, they’ve grown in popularity. And, because there are a lot of dating apps to choose from, anyone can find the one that will help them meet their match in the shortest amount of time. You can find people in specific locations—for example, you can meet singles in Liverpool here for dating. Or, you can download dating apps specifically designed for people who follow certain religions or diets, as well as for individuals who have certain hobbies.  

Many Questions Are Asked Before a Date

Whether people are online dating in London, New York, or anywhere in between, one thing is likely to happen: they’re probably going to ask each other a few questions that they wouldn’t have asked each other just a year ago. According to Today, those questions include the following:

  • Whether or not they know their health status when it comes to the coronavirus, in particular. People might even ask each other if they’ve been tested, and what the result of the test was. If they haven’t been tested recently, they might request a test prior to meeting in person. 
  • Whether they’ve been exposed to someone who has, or had, the virus. Some people will ask about the last two weeks, specifically, to figure out if they have been recently exposed to someone who might be infected. Getting a clear idea of the people that someone spends most of their time around, and whether or not they might be at a greater risk of being exposed, is wise. 
  • Whether or not they wear a mask, especially since there are quite a few people who don’t believe in wearing a mask, even though experts recommend doing so to protect others from the virus. Some people might decide that they don’t want to meet their match in person unless they agree to wear a mask the entire time. 
  • Whether or not they’ve dated other people recently, or if they’re currently dating other people. While this question might be something that is asked even when a global pandemic isn’t affecting people’s lives, it’s important during the era of COVID-19, as it can shed light on whether or not it’s safe to meet someone in person. 

It Isn’t Clear If Dating Will Ever Be the Same Again

A lot of changes have happened in a short span of time, thanks to the coronavirus, and the world of dating has certainly been impacted, but experts can’t tell if things will ever go back to the way that they used to be.