Why Do We Need Engineering Platforms?

Due to the need to develop the key efforts, many companies are appealing to outsourcing more often. While focusing on the key activities of the business, the company can easily achieve convincing advantages as well as reduce costs and increase production efficiency. Thus, the aspiration to increase labor productivity and focus on core activities are the key reasons to say “Yes!” to outsourcing. Even the aspiration to reduce costs takes second place. Besides, appealing to third-party cooperation will give you an opportunity to accelerate the turnaround time and facilitate an opportunity to appeal to new techniques and special equipment.

Engre is a new engineering platform which unites both talented professionals and prospering business around one goal ⏤ to come up with interesting projects and appropriate solutions.

If we recall statistics, then we can see the following numbers:  the general reduction of costs will be equal to 35% as well as the return on equity will be equal to 5.8% while accelerating the growth rate of income. According to an international report, 55% of the USA companies outsource manufacturing and 44% outsource equipment maintenance.

Characterizing the trends of further reforming and coming up of large corporations, there is a chance that there is a need to optimize resources. And this optimization is based on the use of investment resources. It means that large companies and corporations will prefer focusing on key production processes that provide the main advantages in the competitive struggle.

Outsourcing makes it possible to carry out a comprehensive attraction of the experience of highly qualified specialists. As a result, it leads to high-quality development and quick implementation of projects (it can refer to any sphere including machine engineering, web-design, IT-programming, etc.), as well as for the purchase of services.

This approach allows the customer to optimize its organizational structure, reduce production costs while improving quality and focus on strategic issues of increasing the efficiency of the enterprise, entrusting the performance of secondary and supporting functions to third-party enterprises.

Engre as a New Way to Deal with Projects

Engre is an international platform where both parties can find profitable terms for accomplishing a project. Benefits of cooperation with Engre includes the following statements:

  • The platform combines technical tools and years of practical experience with transparency and accuracy. Having implemented a large portfolio of projects of various complexity levels, Engre proves that it can be a reliable source of high-quality work and interesting projects.
  • The use of advanced software ⏤ from specialized simulation programs to design software and computer-aided design systems. Specialists on Engre platform are aware of all the latest technologies and are freely using them in a real-case scenario. It allows us to achieve desirable results faster and without any additional difficulties.
  • Engre consistently responds to the needs and expectations of customers. Founded as a full-service engineering platform, Engre supports the success of its clients by providing services in all engineering spheres.
  • Partnership, open communication, and support for customer standards are the basis for Engre’s relationship with customers. It practices an individual approach to each of the clients, aimed at the most effective solution to the assigned tasks and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Why Does Business Need to Appeal to Engineering Platforms?

Generally, there are several reasons why businesses should appeal to such a method of cooperation. Especially, if you want to grow your engineering business, you have to be aware of all possible nuances. Below you can find the key criteria:

  • Ability to free up resources for the development of enterprise strategy, sales tactics, and other internal projects. By transferring part of its functions to an outsourcer, the company frees up personnel that can be used to develop the core business, which, in turn, leads to increased productivity. This applies to both technical personnel and management which can fully focus on the main business processes of the company.
  • Reduce production costs. One way to cut costs is to outsource some of the non-core responsibilities to an outsourcing company. After all, it does not always make sense to keep your own hardware production, if, say, it is not the main business of the company. By outsourcing this part of the work to a third-party organization, you can significantly reduce their cost.
  • Supporting own capacities. Among other things, industrial outsourcing is used to secure the company's own production facilities in the event of equipment breakdown, as well as with a sharp increase in the volume and speed of production. It may be especially relevant to attract an outsourcer for seasonal business projects when a “second string” is simply needed to avoid unwanted risks.