There is no denying the fact that our skin is very responsive to fluctuating weather conditions. You must have noticed that during winters, the skin becomes dry and patchy. On the other hand, the skin becomes too dull and oily as the summer approaches. That is why one must use skin care and makeup products as per their skin type. There is an array of makeup set for girls that are made specifically for oily skin types.

Generally, oily skin is more prone to zits and acne breakouts. Yet by using the correct type of makeup products, you can achieve an oil-free and flawlessly glowing complexion in the blink of an eye. The following are the must-have products that everyone with oily skin must have in their vanity:

  • Primer

A primer is a versatile beauty product that prepares a smooth base for further makeup application. If you have oily skin, then makeup has trouble lasting long periods of time on your face. Due to this, the makeup tends to fade, smudge, melt, or crease. To prevent this, a primer regulates the oil production to make your complexion look shine-free and radiant. 

Likewise, it smoothes and moisturises the skin to eliminate dryness and patchiness. The application of a primer before the foundation boosts the longevity of the other makeup products on the skin.

  • Mineral or Matte Foundation

Usually, one must keep the foundation makeup light and minimal during hot weather. A mineral or a matte foundation consists of a lightweight formulation that does not clog your pores. Instead, it delivers a non-greasy finish along with medium coverage to beautify the complexion. 

Some foundations also contain SPF that protects your skin from sun damage. Further, it helps in reducing blemishes, thereby healing the breakouts on oily and sensitive skin. 

  • Make-up Setting Facial Spray

For a long-lasting makeup application, it is vital to prevent the foundation and other cosmetics from fading or melting away. A makeup setting face spray does just that. Applying a few pumps of the same on your complexion would aid in keeping the makeup intact for longer.

  • Matte Compact Powder

After applying a foundation or a concealer, it is necessary to give it a smooth finishing effect with the help of compact power. It instantly gives a rejuvenating, nourished, and radiant look to your complexion. Besides, a matte-finish compact powder contains oil-regulating properties for a non-greasy and long-lasting application on the skin. 

  • Concealer

During summers, you can skip the foundation and use a concealer instead. A concealer provides excellent coverage for dark circles, zits, acne breakouts, and dark spots. You can dab a small amount of the same on your face to achieve a flawless and even-toned look. 

  • Waterproof Liner and Kajal

Oily eyelids would hold neither a liner nor a kajal for a long time. From the basic black to coloured liners and kajal pencils, go for the products that are smudge-free and waterproof.

  • Powdery Eye Shadows and Blusher

You should not use eyeshadows and blushers with a creamy formulation; instead, opt for the powdery ones. It would help control the oiliness on your eyelids and cheeks, thereby giving a smooth matte finish. 


When it comes to skincare or makeup, oily and sensitive skin types do require extra pampering. Apart from the products mentioned above, you can also use oil blotting sheets to soak up the excess shine and oil from your complexion. Other than that, eat healthy food items and work out regularly to keep your skin beautiful inside out.