As Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” It’s no surprise that these two are grouped together—neither is especially considered a fun part of being an adult, or of living more generally. It may be difficult to put a truly positive spin on death, but it’s certainly possible to make tax season a little more enjoyable. You might even find it to be fun!

Get yourself in the best mindset

Taxes are important, of course, so you must file them properly. To do so, you may need a bit of help, especially if you’re not particularly looking forward to tax day. Make sure your energy levels will keep you going through each form with an energy drink, cup of coffee, or CBD for energy.

For many, CBD might be a preferred option for staying alert throughout your tax return, as it offers mental clarity without the jitters all too often associated with caffeine—just be sure to talk to your doctor before adding a CBD product to your routine. 

Make it easy on yourself

You’re wide awake, focused, and ready to tackle your taxes. Great! However, you’re still struggling to find the motivation to get started. One of the easiest ways to get yourself started is to take advantage of a software option put together by tax experts.

Sign up for Turbo Tax Canada or the equivalent program for your country. Created by Intuit, the company behind Quickbooks, and the fan-favorite mobile app, Mint, TurboTax can make it easy to file your taxes. With a team of tax experts ready to help, plus software to guide you through the process, you’ll find your taxes have a bit more relaxation this year. 

Learn the essentials

Even with the help of TurboTax or a similar program, you’ll still need to know the basics of taxes. Canadian filers will find the Canadian Revenue Agency’s Tax Basics module to be helpful, while United States citizens can turn to the IRS website for similar resources.

Your chosen tax software and tax professionals can help you maximize your tax deductions and refund, but the background knowledge will help you to understand the filing process—when you understand a concept as intimidating as taxes, you’ll find it’s a lot less challenging. 

Carve out plenty of time

Of course, it’s vital to have enough time to file your taxes when you sit down to do so—coming back to them repeatedly will make your process more difficult. It’s just as essential, though, that you plan to leave plenty of time to complete your taxes before the filing deadline. You’ll inevitably have a more difficult tax preparation experience if you leave it until the last possible moment. 

Plan for your refund

Depending on your tax situation, this may or may not apply. If you’re one of the lucky folks receiving a refund, though, let yourself daydream about what you’ll spend that money on. Even if it’s something that isn’t especially exciting, such as paying off a debt or purchasing necessities, there’s undoubtedly a reason you’re doing so–focus on that reason, your “why” for making that decision, and your motivation levels will almost certainly rise. 

Whatever your tax situation, the annual process of filing your taxes is a necessary evil. Regardless, you can make your experience more appealing by planning for your tax preparation process and setting yourself up for success. Whether that’s taking advantage of the benefits of CBD for a burst of energy despite boredom or finding the best tax experts to lend a hand, you can make sure taxes aren’t something to dread. They may very well be genuinely enjoyable.