It’s been the setting for many books and movies – comedy, crime, drama, love-story, gambling, you name it. Las Vegas (also known as Sin City) has established itself as one of the most famous cities in the world.

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More About Las Vegas

Surrounded by the Mojave desert, which is a site to see in itself, Las Vegas has many attractions and places for people to visit.

Its magical appeal attracts hordes of people worldwide, and many want to put down roots and stay.

Norwegians also love to travel to Las Vegas, not only for the beauty of its streets and houses but also for the fact that they’re free to indulge in their favourite pastimes like gambling and poker.

All of this in a beautiful atmosphere away from the strict casino laws of Norway.

Las Vegas Features

This city in the desert is known globally for its fun and excitement. The Strip, Las Vegas' renowned resort-lined street, glitters with lights and glamorous places recreated from cities worldwide.

If you're in 'Sin City' and seek a break from their many casinos, here are some of the various alternative features available to you.


Brief Description

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street is located downtown, a few kilometres from the Strip.

Each night a music and visual show take place overhead under a canopy of LED lights.

Street performers and different entertainment acts are often seen in this area.

Helicopter Flights over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

This trip takes around three hours to complete.

You'll see Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the West Rim area of the Grand Canyon.

Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower

This resort is a scale model of the Eiffel Tower and a replica of the Paris Opera House.

Forty-six stories high, the tower has an observation deck with 360-degree views.

One story below the deck is a posh restaurant. The resort is situated on the Strip.

Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides

Also located on the Strip is one of the city's finest hotel resorts. 

Built to resemble the Italian city of Venice, a themed shopping arcade exists complete with canals, blue skies, and gondoliers. 

Mirage Hotel featuring Erupting Volcano and Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden

The Mirage Hotel resort has an erupting volcano in front, one of the most unique sights visible on the Strip – especially at night.

Situated inside the resort is Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, where various exotic animals can be seen.

The large pools also contain an array of trained dolphins.

Now that we have sharpened your appetite with the above, here are a few more of Las Vegas's attractions.

  • New York-New York Hotel

  • Mandalay Bay and the Shark Reef Aquarium

  • High Roller Ferris Wheel on the Linq

  • Caesar's Palace and The Colosseum

  • The Mob Museum

Having shown you only some of the enormous variety of things to do in and around Las Vegas, let's get back down to earth.

The Effect of the Pandemic

With the leisure and hospitality industry being the central part of Las Vegas's life-blood and economy, things are no longer as they were in pre-Covid times, so online casinos are reaping huge benefits.

We trust that this article has served its purpose in reminding our readers that, while the world's most famous cities still exist, there will always be alternatives.


Gambling will always be popular globally. Nothing beats the real thing in cities such as Las Vegas, but an online game of your choosing will be there for you when you sign into a casino online.