Justin Halladay is the President of JJ3B LLC. An entrepreneur and philanthropist with his hooks deep into the Metaverse, Halladay has been climbing up the corporate ladder for decades until switching his attention to entirely new frontiers. With a background in corporate offices, including a stint in the World Trade Center, Halladay has enjoyed a unique background and upbringing that has led him to lead the entrepreneurial life he is presently living. 

More than just another investor in the tech space, Halladay prides himself on engineering change and motivating others through his work, efforts, and thought leadership. With a careful focus on future technology as well as an understanding of how people work, Halladay opened up through a series of interviews to share thoughts, tips, and tricks with others that would seek to follow his path.

Let's break down the life and times of Justin Halladay to better understand his motivations, efforts, and goals. We'll explore his past as well as some of his philanthropic outreach programs along the way, as well.

Getting Started on the Right Foot

Tech entrepreneur and NFT investor Justin Halladay would begin his career in the realm of small businesses, working with one office or another for more than 15 years. During this time in business development, Halladay would find gainful employment with global corporations, small offices, and prestigious offices alike. 

Moving to New York, Halladay would find himself operating under the banner of Morgan Stanly Dean Witter for more than six years. After departing from the sector, Halladay would travel to Jacksonville Beach, where he would found his own small software development company. Working in this sector would introduce Justin Halladay to new concepts and ideas, allowing him to travel from New Jersey to Philadelphia and back again to Florida.

While much of Halladay's early life was spent jumping from one venture to the next, he was fulfilling his skills and building his future along the way. In fact, it was this widespread approach to work that helped Halladay so much. When asked how he managed to cultivate the career he presently enjoys, Halladay simply stated, "By synthesizing my skills and interests."

Building Ideas with Legs That Last

From real estate to sales and into the very Metaverse itself, finding a commonality between these businesses can take more than a single glance. For Halladay, everything connects through the realm of technology.

Halladay says, "I have always gravitated to technology. I spent 15 years of my corporate life in and around technology."

It only makes sense then that Halladay would turn toward technology in the Second Phase of his professional career, turning toward the burgeoning world of NFTs and digital real estate to pioneer his next efforts. 

Described as something akin to the Future of the Web, the Metaverse is simply a network of interconnected virtual worlds. While not ostensibly new, the Metaverse provides immersive digital environments where individuals can connect, socialize, and engage in commercial activities. Consider shopping or going to a concert, but all from the comfort of your home.

As our physical world continues to intertwine with the digital experience of today's day and age, entrepreneurs like Justin Halladay are going to be increasingly rewarded for their early efforts. Recently, Halladay has been focused on acquiring digital land in a real estate market within the Metaverse. According to a report in 2021, the Metaverse saw real estate sales exceeding $500 million.

Among some of the early adopters of this metaverse real estate industry are the team of beer veterans at Miller Lite. Miller Lite chose to open a virtual bar during the halftime show of the Super Bowl, allowing more than 20,000 avatars to interact within a single day. The Miller Lite bar experience saw an average guest interaction time of nearly 23 minutes, something unheard of in the world of marketing.

While the Metaverse is still in its early and speculative stages, the real estate engine within the digital realm seems to be operating at full capacity and efficiency. Atari Games, Snoop Dogg, Adidas and other major names in the media world have already plucked up notable parcels of digital land as they prepare for what could be the next big real estate boom.

Justin Halladay and the Metaverse 

As the Metaverse continues to grow in lockstep with the hype surrounding it, Justin Halladay and his team are exclusively focused on building the parcel of their land into a true gaming empire. Halladay underscores the fact that his real estate in the Metaverse will be dedicated to gamers who want to play to earn currency. At the time of this writing, Halladay has five games built into his parcel of land through the NFTWorlds Project. 

Halladay says of the gaming parcel on the Metaverse and the games within it, "We're building a casino that you'll be able to engage with millions of players alike all over the globe. If you like going to the casino, you'll be able to play slots and blackjack and roulette to win tokens." 

The tokens alluded to above are usable for both experiences and content, allowing gamers to purchase additional perks through their efforts. Halladay went on to explain, "People will be able to play our games and generate crypto coins as they reach certain levels. I'm excited about that one." “This is a true GameFi Project that will create a multitude of opportunities to the masses!”

Similar to the first round of social media development in the early aughts, the Metaverse currently exists in a time and space that is concrete and nebulous all at once. It is hard to predict who or what will create the next Facebook, but the Metaverse is looking like a promising platform to start the search.

Success as an Entrepreneur 

While much of what Halladay is focused on revolves around technology and the metaverse, his success as an entrepreneur is hardly tied to the current medium itself. Rather, Halladay built a foundation of practices, beliefs, and mindsets that helped sculpt him into the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

Halladay found out early on in his career that it was imperative to find quality mentorship that you could rely on. Halladay says that much of his success is owed to the mentors who guided him along the way. Halladay stated in an interview with Ideamensch, "I have a great team of partners and friends to bounce ideas off and evolve them into solutions and eventually products and services."

Aside from working with his close team of advisors and mentors, Halladay understands that consistency is the undercurrent to success. Without hard work, dedication, and focus, you can quickly fall behind the rest of the pack. Perhaps most importantly is disciple of which Halladay says without, he would not be where he is today. 

Halladay stated, "I believe success in whatever you are trying to accomplish, no matter how good or great one might be without consistency and discipline, the results will not be there."

While focusing on generating consistent efforts at work, Halladay touts relationship-building as an additional skill to focus on. Generating connections and keeping those relationships alive has helped Halladay consistently build his future into the being that it is today. Halladay says, "With the right people in my corner, I can achieve anything."

Rounding out his advice for entrepreneurs looking to follow in his footsteps, Halladay suggests that people get into the habit of writing down their goals to stay accountable to them. Halladay says, "There is something about writing down goals and seeing them every day. This is one of the keys to wealth building."