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Spend thirty years practicing any skill or talent and progress is to be expected. Joey Feste is the founder and Senior Managing Partner of KM Capital Management, located in Austin, TX. After graduating from the University of Texas with his B.A. in Economics, Feste would find himself fully embraced by the financial world, beginning his career with Rotan Mosley before spending time at Morgan Stanley.

More than just a marquee name in the world of financial management, Joey Feste and Joey Feste Jr. of KM Capital Management has made a career out of guiding their clients to better, more solid financial decisions.

Let's explore the life and career of Mr. Feste while outlining key tips and tricks for financial success along the way.

Laying the Foundation of Success

Anything worth doing is worth preparing for, at least that's what you'd expect from the mindset of Joey Feste. Feste has spent the better part of the past three decades working tirelessly at Rotan Mosley and Morgan Stanley to provide for his clients with regard to their financial needs. These efforts were emboldened and underscored by a lifetime of preparation.

Feste began his pursuit of a financial career by first focusing on his education. Feste would set his sights upon the University of Texas, an institution later attended by his son, where he would study for and graduate with his Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

Class after class, Joey Feste found himself developing a foundation of knowledge that would eventually play a crucial role in his career in money management, particularly his focus on smart investing.

Getting His Feet Wet in Financial Planning

Upon graduating from the University of Texas, Mr. Feste would set his sights on the financial industry by working as an Investment Advisor Rep at Rotan Mosley. This was Feste's first stop on his financial journey as well as the first place he began to develop his passion for finance. It didn't take long for Feste to develop a reputation as a masterful advisor, leading him to depart from the company to pursue his dreams in other offices.

Upon leaving Rotan Mosley behind, Feste knew that he wanted to climb the financial ladder of a larger institution. Feste set his sights on Morgan Stanley and before long the famous institution was added to his resume beside the label, Investment Advisor.

As an investment advisor for Morgan Stanley, Feste worked closely with clients from every background and financial perspective as he tried to machinate a more profitable financial future. Joey worked primarily with professional athletes as he helped them to navigate sudden windfalls of money.

Unfortunately, Feste was immensely dissatisfied with the limitations he felt were surrounding his efforts at Morgan Stanley. Feste wanted to help his clients in a number of areas that Morgan Stanley simply wasn't allowing him.

Eventually, Feste would decide that the role at Morgan Stanley was far too restricting for what he hoped to accomplish in his career. This meant that Joey would have to leave Morgan Stanley behind to take a leap of faith.

Planning For Success With KM Capital Management

Even though Feste felt empowered by his work at Rotan Mosley and Morgan Stanley, he knew his future was one that offered even more assistance to his clients. Feste would turn away from Morgan Stanley in 2004 to establish KM Capital Management, a financial group offering comprehensive services in the financial arena.

Specializing in finance athletes and entertainers, Feste was quick to bring on his oldest son, Joey Feste Jr., to help with the business. With many entertainers and athletes facing financial hardship soon after acquiring their financial windfalls, this service was a particularly important one to offer.

At KM Capital Management, Joey Feste and Joey Feste Jr. work in concert to provide personalized services in a number of key areas, including the following.

  • Bill Management / Bookkeeping - KM Capital Management works closely with clients to provide day-by-day personal and business financial management. Providing these services can be essential for freeing up the energy of the client in question.
  • Advanced Tax Management - Income and net worth will increase at the same time as tax strategies must also evolve. Tax implications grow increasingly severe with an increased amount of finances, so a professional with guidance is essential.
  • Integrated Insurance Planning - Insurance planning gets increasingly difficult as wealth jumps from one stage to the next. To offset potential issues, the experts at KM Capital Management can help clients find the financial solutions best designed to protect their interests while providing peace of mind.
  • Financial Planning - Athletes are tasked with acquiring the vast majority of their life earnings within a short couple of years. Planning for the future is essential and it must begin as soon as possible. Joey Feste Jr. works alongside his father to develop personalized financial planning that leads to success today, tomorrow, and years down the line.

When working with KM Capital Management, clients enjoy more than 50 years of combined industry experience as well as 24/7 access to the professionals in the building.

Building a Future Around Family

Joey Feste and Joey Feste Jr. have built KM Capital Management into an industry leader in financial solutions for upper-tier earners, athletes, and professional entertainers. Despite this focus on larger-than-life figures, the Feste family stays focused on what matters most: one another.

Outside of his work in the financial field, Joey Feste spends much of his time with his wife of 30 years, Kelley. The two began what could be considered a whirlwind romance in their youth before marrying and building a beautiful family together. Joey and Kelley have three children; Joey Jr., Annie, and Travis.

Joey Jr. attended and graduated from the same university as his father before joining the company to serve in much the same capacity. Joey Feste Jr. is an integral day-to-day operator at KM Capital Management and one of the pivotal leaders in the building.