What is Invest Atlas?

Invest Atlas is a global foreign exchange broker that provides financial services for online trading with respect to foreign exchange. Invest Atlas also serves retail investors as well as institutional investors from different countries around the world. It is a great online Forex and CFD broker organization in the world and it has been in existence for some years now and has been operating under a veteran forex trading company in the brokerage industry.  The company trades a wide range of commodities such as more than 80 currency pairs and more than 200 types of financial instruments for numerous clients who come from different countries worldwide. The organization's committed approach is to deliver a satisfying trading experience for financial services consumers by integrating the latest technology and delivering high-level services.  

Transparency and trading conditions of Invest Atlas 

The organization has great transparency as it is regulated by renowned bodies that oversee its operations. Submission to regulations makes them reach the highest standard of transparency as they move forward with their operations. The organization has also specified compensation limits for investors in the event of financial difficulties or insolvency, thus keeping it simple with the financial services it offers. The accessibility of all its trading platforms with a single investor account also makes trading very transparent and makes trading conditions convenient for all investors.

Business accounts of the company

The company really does offer a significant and wide range of account types from which the investor can choose. Therefore, it is possible for an investor to open a market maker account or a desk-type dealing account on a commission basis.

 Special offers, promotions, and company bonuses

The company is happy to reward its investors with a variety of promotions. Promotions range from live and demo trading contests to extraordinary bonuses that increase the trading needs of investors. The Invest Atlas company rewards its traders every month with a trading competition. From month to month the price changes. However, the bonus is given to those investors who fully comply with the terms and conditions of the bonus. All promotions and bonuses are intended to further the needs of the investor as well as to enhance the reputation of the company as it engages in forex trading.

Customer Support

Invest Atlas offers 24-hour customer support services 5 business days a week. Customer service staff are helpful in resolving customer complaints. The company's customer service is great, fast, and effective. Their customer services can be reached through various means such as emails, phone calls, or live chat at any time, even in cases when the market is busy. The company also has toll-free contact numbers for customer support in specific countries.


The company focuses on delivering a variety of assets that investors can easily trade with a simple command on trading platforms. With this approach, the company, therefore, strives to educate its investors with educational content that is always limited to a forex trading glossary and the company's press releases as well as other headlines referring to the key economic performance worldwide and region of operation.  The company glossary, despite being limited, is very useful for investors. The company's website also has light educational materials on forex trading as well as basic economic news on forex trading market analysis that is critical for investors.

Security of finances

To curb insecurity issues, company accounts are maintained with top-tier banks through the use of banking and treasury services, as well as other major high-tier institutions that deal with banking. The investors' funds are incomplete segregation from the other funds, so clients can rest assured that clarity, integrity, and security are highly observed when dealing with their finances. Each investor account has a unique code that effectively guides the deposit and withdrawal of funds from the account. The company is regulated and protected by recognized organizations in the lands of its operation, so it is very safe.

Pros and Cons


The company has a variety of trading accounts 

There is a low deposit requirement for the minimum initial deposit

The company is a regulated broker, therefore safe and legitimate.

It has a wide range of financial instruments, as well as products and services.


The company lacks multilingual support

They are not available to all countries.

Only the MT4 trading platform is supported at the time this review is written


With the company review, it is evident that the company has strong regulatory oversight, brilliant spreads, and a variety of accounts that investors can choose from. It is true that it has been in operation for a very short period, but it has managed to gain a massive following and has amassed a group of loyal investors. The company trading account package is unique and cheap with amazing promotions and bonuses. Therefore, there is no doubt that the company has proven to be an investor-friendly broker for those people who are looking to start their forex trading business.