On February 24, Russia started its so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine, a defacto full-scale invasion of the sovereign European country. The war has provoked a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine. Millions of people had to flee the war inside the country or to neighboring countries such as Poland, Germany, France, and other European allies. Many have lost their relatives, homes, and cities, and got serious injuries due to war actions.

Why it is crucial to help Ukraine


Currently, lots of families cannot earn for living as the war causes enormous damage to the economy of Ukraine. A survey initiated by the Ministry of Statistics of Ukraine shows that in June, almost 47% of enterprises still closed.


The aggressor is now blocking the export of Ukrainian grain, sunflower oil, and seeds, thus terrorizing the whole world with the global hunger threat. The occupants steal grain from the temporarily occupied regions and burn and mine fields. Nevertheless, Ukrainians still resist with the help of the whole free world.


People worldwide make more and more contributions to providing humanitarian and medical aid to Ukrainians. Supporting Ukrainian people who fight for their freedom and independence is a to challenge to their empathy, values, and humanity.


A lot of international charity organizations have developed a specific direction for helping those who need it. They act as mediators between donors and people who currently need help. Here is a list of international funds through which money can be transferred to help Ukrainian victims of the war.

Charity organizations helping Ukrainians

National Bank of Ukraine Account for Humanitarian Assistance


The NBU opened a special account for donations to help Ukrainians since the start of the full-scale war. The NBU directs the donation to purchase food, clothing, and other necessary goods for forcibly displaced people.

Future for Ukraine Charity Foundation

The FFU Charity Foundation was founded in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, a few weeks after the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Its purpose is to support war victims by providing medical and humanitarian aid to hospitals, the military, and children.

Children's Voices Charitable Foundation


BF has been helping children affected by the war since 2015, providing psychological and psychosocial support to those affected by the Russian invasion. Now the foundation assists children and evacuates families from places of hostilities.


Fundacja Ukraińskie Centrum Informacyjne FUCI


Ukrainian Information Center Foundation works in Poland. Its main activity is educational work among people on several topics: democracy, European integration, and protection of human rights. In recent months the Foundation has provided shelter and food to Ukrainians fleeing the war in Poland.

Ukrainian Medical Society in Germany


The Ukrainische Ärztevereinigung works in Germany and unites qualified doctors who collect donations for the organization of medical transportation and assistance for the wounded military.

Ukrainian Embassy in Türkiye


The Embassy of Ukraine in Türkiye raises funds for humanitarian support and assists in various areas: feeding refugees, providing shelter, and more.

NGO Goodwill Projects


Goodwill projects is a platform that unites the following charitable organizations: Caritas, the Food Bank, Save the Children, the Lithuanian Red Cross, and the Maltese. Organizations are raising funds for Ukrainians fleeing the war, including humanitarian aid, first aid, and psychosocial care.

With Ukraine 


The global support platform is founded by the Embassy of Ukraine to the UK to help victims of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war. It works to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians in the areas affected by the war and purchase necessary medical supplies.


The Romanian Red Cross


The organization has been engaging in charity for over 145 years. It helps nations affected by war, famine, drought, epidemics, and natural disasters. The project of the Romanian Red Cross "Humanity has no borders" is aimed at helping Ukrainians and purchasing humanitarian kits.