Students in college have many needs relating to finances. There are tuition fees, rent, groceries, stationery, among other requirements. In such a scenario, when students buy thesis papers and find a reliable job that they can work in during their free time, they make all the expenses manageable. 

However, before settling for a specific job, check the job requirements and your schedule. You can’t out rule the idea of studying to make money. You need to finish your course and graduate, but again you need money. So, find a suitable job that will enable you to arrange the schedules well. So, what are these jobs for students? Read below. 

  • Drive with Lyft

While in college, there are movements from one point to another. In the latest trends, the demand for ride-sharing has been growing immensely, and it can only predict a bright future. If you have driving skills and are above 21 and own a car, why don’t you turn your free moments into making money? You only need to analyze your schedule and work during your free time. It can be early mornings, evening, or weekends. It all depends on where your free time falls.  

  • Watch Movie Previews

Yes, you will earn good money just by watching movie previews, the latest news, and celebrity videos. Again, when you sign up, you get a $ 5 bonus. You should check out with InboxDollars for many ways you can make money. You will get notified of the time it will take before you start watching, so you will be prepared psychologically. According to the time you have, you can earn more money by watching these videos!

  • Online Surveys. 

Turn all your free moments into taking online surveys to earn money. There are many survey platforms, but you need to check with MyPoints. It comes with great offers, including a $5 bonus when you finish the first five surveys. Above all, you get a reward card when you complete surveys.  

Another platform is Swagbucks, which has many other ways to make money apart from conducting surveys alone. With Swagbucks, you will get a bonus of $5 when you sign up. Making money in college can never get easy, like taking surveys online. Use your time appropriately!

  • Buy and Resell Textbooks

If you have entrepreneurial skills, then you can take chances and start buying and reselling textbooks. Since you are in college, you have adequate knowledge of textbook prices. You can decide to resell books you no longer use when the semester ends. Again, you can as well think beyond and start the business of buying textbooks and selling them. Check with the eBay platform where you can get the books and resell them at the BookScouter site. However, you need to first of all check with the site you will resell to compare the prices. 

  • Become a Virtual Employee

Nowadays, many activities take place on online platforms. You will have a steady workflow that will generate you more income when you decide to become a virtual employee. If you aren’t sure how to start, check with ZipRecruiter and get a wide range of online jobs. 

Again, since you are still in school and you don’t have a degree for full-time employment yet, you can check on the following jobs

Virtual assistant: You only need to have good organizational skills to help business people who are busy to keep all their tasks on track. Apart from good organizational skills, you need good communication skills to become a VA. 

Virtual recruiter: Again, you can become an agent, where you connect clients to reliable freelancers according to their job specifications. You will do most of the activities on behalf of h client like checking resume, conducting interviews, and salary negotiation 

Transcriber: If you have the best typing skills and good listening skills, why don’t you try transcription? The work is quite demanding but comes with good pay. You can earn between $15 to $25 hourly or more, depending on your specialized field. 

  • Freelancing

You can get good money from freelancing while still in college. There are many sites you can work with, among them being Upwork and Fiverr. You can work hours you are free. You can end up connecting with the best employers before you graduate. After graduating, you realize you can’t leave freelancing and make more money since you will have gained adequate experience.

  • Become an Amazon Flex Delivery Partner

At some point, you have witnessed customers ordering packages from Amazon and getting them the same day. It is all because of the delivery partner. You can become an Amazon delivery partner and deliver goods through Amazon restaurants, Amazon.com, and Prime Now. 

The best aspect of this job is that you set your schedule according to the time you have. All payments are made on Tuesdays and Fridays, so you should get your money on Wednesdays or Saturdays, depending on how you worked that week. You will need a car and a phone with a Flex app. 


There are many activities every student can engage in to make money in college. It all depends on your schedule and the free time you have. Why don’t you give the above jobs a trial? It could be your financial breakthrough while in college.