Truckers perform a vital duty for the country: they haul essential goods across its length and breadth to make sure they reach their intended destinations on time, such as Washington D.C. They often have to drive across treacherous terrain while combating fatigue, stress, bad road users, health issues, etc. Sometimes, accidents may also happen.

If that accident happens inside or on the outskirts of D.C., and if you suffer injuries, an injury lawyer from Washington D.C. can help you. They will be familiar with the city and its laws, which will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Getting the Best Help

In 2017, Washington D.C. suffered a total of 26,459 accidents, of which 6,626 involved injuries. Such statistics have prompted the establishment of injury law firms to help the injured get their rightful dues. You can get your fair share of compensation owed by vetting the lawyers with questions to get the best one for you. While hiring an injury lawyer, remember to ask the following questions:

What are Your Qualifications and Experience?

A lawyer's place and the institution of study that has certified them can tell you about them. Besides their educational background, check to know about any other qualifications they might have. Then proceed to explore their experience overall, and especially in cases like yours.

Other bits of information will include their relationship with the other party's lawyer or their office, nature of dealings if any in the past with them, and bar memberships if any. You could ask to look at their reports on previous similar cases if possible.

What's The True Nature of Your Case?

This will let you know how well they understand your case while simultaneously learning more about it yourself. An injury lawyer needs to thoroughly understand your situation from your standpoint, your medical conditions, and your doctor's opinion, police investigation results, and opinions. They will investigate the spot and the people involved and build a complete picture. 

They must know how best to proceed and what your best options are to go ahead. They must interpret the laws to best suit your chances of gaining an advantage in the battle and should clarify any doubts you might have.

How Will You Proceed?

Your lawyer must inform you of all the proceedings in detail. You must know when their investigation will conclude, should check the report prepared, course the case will take, how frequently they'll attend it, will they use a substitute, and if so why, when they will be filing it (3 yr. statute of limitations in D.C.), and such. 

You must know how well they can place your injuries in the acceptable list for compensation under D.C. laws and if the medical bills can also be compensated. Ask if they are fighting for pain and suffering compensation too. They must reduce your share of fault in the accident to the minimum to get the most compensation.

How Will You Charge and How Much?

If possible, negotiate the costs right at the beginning, and get an estimate for miscellaneous charges that could crop up. If not, do so at the end. Either way, ask for a breakdown of charges. Also, know if the lawyer wants to get paid at once or hourly if opting for a prepaid structure. 

Truck accidents can be life-altering instances, but in D.C., you can decide on the best injury lawyer to gain justice for it.