IGI Markets Review

If you are an expert trader or a beginner looking forward to increasing the potential of your trading journey, you need a platform such as IGI Markets. It's been recommended by many traders, including me, who had a positive experience with them, and the broker proves to be the best decision for boosting your trading experience. 

If you want to know what’s so special about the broker, this IGI Markets review will disclose seven main reasons to join this broker. 

7 Reasons That Make IGI Markets Special

You'll find facilities and features at IGI Markets that are common in any other online broker. But, as soon as you dive in and get a trading account, you'll feel a big difference. 

Let us look at the seven main reasons that make IGI Markets stand out from other brokers in the market and convince you to join this amazing platform. 

  1. A Truly Customer Oriented Broker

When you create an account at IGI Markets, you'll start noticing a big difference from other brokers in each feature of this broker.

 Each step to trade is very simple and carries no complexity. Each step is easily executable from registration, verification, amount deposit, selection of trading account and instruments, switching trading instruments to withdrawing profits. 

If traders find any difficulty, customer service representatives always offer a helping hand. 

  1. Autonomy To Choose Trading Account

At IGI Markets, you have choices to get an account according to your trading experience. The broker offers multiple trading accounts serving different facilities to traders. Each trading account basic, bronze, silver, gold, and VIP are available at the minimum deposit of € 500, €10000, €50000, € 100,000, and € 250,000, respectively. Each account allows traders to choose the trading instrument of their choice but offers different services to the account holder. 

  1. Keep You Updated on The Market Trends

A dedicated broker will always show true market conditions to traders. As an honest broker, IGI Markets displays live market news on its web-based trading platform, so traders know market conditions before performing any trading activity. The broker receives live updates from the financial market and presents them graphically and in the form of candles to make it understandable for traders. 

  1. Safe And Secure Broker

The main responsibility of a broker is to provide a secure environment that safeguards the finances and personal information of the traders. IGI Markets has successfully guarded its platform using the latest policies and high-level technology. They have effectively utilized the AML and KYC policies and data encryption technology to set high-level security, securing their platform from any third-party access. 

  1. Smart Customizable Interface

Traders demand easiness in the trading process. The broker already has a well-defined and strategically planned interface that displays all the necessary details on the screen to help the traders. If traders have any issues with the existing interface, IGI Markets resolves their issue by allowing traders to customize the interface as per their choice. They get many options, such as placing tools of their choice and customizing colours. 

  1. Live Customer Support Program

Through their web-based platform, IGI Markets offer a live customer support program. Whenever a trader needs help, they can message the customer service representative. Traders get instant solutions to their queries, or the representative forwards their query to the financial or technical experts team, who resolve the problem at the earliest. The support boosts the confidence among traders to trade fearlessly. 

  1. Dedicated Trading Room

IGI Markets has a dedicated trading room that is free for every trader visiting their website. The room displays live market news and trading candles to present raw data that every trader requires to execute trading activities. The trading room is crucial for traders and helps them win massive profitability. 


IGI Markets offers quality services to traders registered on their platform. It is a very supportive broker with features specially designed to influence the traders and their trading experience. Using their trading account, traders get a chance to trade enthusiastically in a safe and transparent environment that supports them in every way.