We have released a branded stickerpack for communication with customers and partners. Work on it was not as difficult as we had imagined, but not without unforeseen nuances. So we decided to share our experience - perhaps, it will be useful to someone. Let's clarify right away: this is not a drawing guide, working with an illustrator is just one of the stages of a larger process.

Here is a brief of creating a stickerpack:

  • Formulate a concept for the whole set and individual stickers.
  • Find an illustrator and explain what you want from him.
  • Fill in the stickers in the telegrams through the official bot.
  • Sharpen the pack to make it twist.
  • It is simple, but only at first sight. Let's go through these items in more detail, with check-lists and examples.

How to find the idea of the stickerpack and develop its concept

If you decide to make a stickerpack, you probably understand why you need it, but still it is important to formulate the goal in detail. Answer the questions:

  • Who will use stickers?
  • Why do you need it?
  • In what correspondence?
  • How, approximately, will it look?

We made stickers first of all for gamification of business communication. The idea was that our clients and partners - marketing experts and representatives of digital agencies - would like it to use it in correspondence with colleagues. Of course, the starting point was potential situations in conversations where the target audience can replace a phrase or emotion with a sticker.

How to compose the TOR to the illustrator and find the artist

We were able to quickly find a common language with the designer and come to a common vision, thanks to a detailed technical task, and free iphone mockups. We explained the purpose of the set, justified why the character will be a crocodile and attached visual guidelines - cute pictures with crocodiles, which were used for inspiration.

Description of individual stickers reduced to a table where indicated:

  • emojis, to which we tie the sticker;
  • text in the picture;
  • its own sketch of the visualization, if such was;
  • comments, such as special wishes or transcriptions of professional slang on the sticker.

How to add a stickerpack to Telegrams

All stickers should be filled through bot @sticker. We followed the official instructions, and he "ate" all the stickers without any problems and gave the given link. But there are some nuances that need to be taken into account before launching the bot.

Technical requirements. Pictures must be in .png format with one side of the picture 512 px and the other side 512 or less.

Stickerpacks are not transmitted. It should be immediately filled in from the corporate account. A pack may also have only one admin.

Stickerpacks are not deleted without a trace. If removed, new users will not be able to install it, but everyone who has already added it will continue to use it.

You cannot change the name of a set or the link to it. Discuss them with all involved in advance. The only option to change the name is to delete the package and fill it in again with the new name.

How to promote and where to use the stickerpack

Since we were preparing a package for communication with clients and partners, first of all it was received by the company employees and partners in a closed chat. We also boasted with stickers in social networks and shared them in the catalog of Telegrams stickers.

For the latter, you should rewind the directory page to the comments block and write there a message in the spirit: "Please add my stickers: /link to the package/". At the end add the hashtags you want to search for. For example: #marketing #crocodile, etc.

Checklist promo stickerpack:

  • parade employees in company chats;
  • partake in client chats;
  • send it to friendly companies;
  • add Telegrams to the catalog of stickers;
  • give a link in corporate social networks;
  • add a link to the package in the auto-signing of mail, etc.
  • If you love Google Sheets, as we love them, add yourself a checklist template for promotional stickerpack.

If you manage to create stickers that will be close to your TA and applicable in everyday communication, these actions will be enough to the stickerpack quickly dispersed on professional communities and personal correspondence.


We also decided not to reject offline methods of promo: we used stickers as a measure - we made corporate T-shirts with the most beloved by users stickers and printed a batch of "analog" stickers for participants of the conference on digital marketing. They have placed a QR code with the link to the package right at the sticker sticker pallet and that's why they were not even surprised to see them in the chat of the conference participants.