Have you just moved into a new house? You are probably very eager to show it off to your near and dear ones. You can do it in the best way by throwing a housewarming party. You can display your new home as well as celebrate some quality time with the people who matter in your life.

The custom of house-warming party started hundreds of years ago when Central heating facility was inaccessible to people. There was a need for sources of well such as firewood, to keep homes warm and comfortable. Naturally, firewood was one of the gifts that were bought by guests to help people get comfortable in their new homes and stay warm whenever required. The tradition of hosting house-warming parties continues even today and is held across the globe.

It is possible to have this party immediately after you move in or wait until you have got everything settled in place properly. Ideally, you need to hold a house-warming party within 6 months after moving into your new home.

How to Plan a Wonderful House-warming Party?

Before you begin to send invitations to your loved ones, you need to plan your party well. These tips can be very useful for you in planning a big event.

Think about whom you should invite

It is important to have a proper guest list ahead of time. The list should comprise the people who matter in your life; and it can be a small group consisting of friends, colleagues, immediate family members etc.

If you want to invite only a small group, which is understandable if you have a small home, make sure that the guest list includes all those who are closest to you.

Think about when to throw the party

The party can be hosted at any time but you should organize it on a weekend once most of your guests will be free.

Try to hold the party during the daytime if you would want to display external features, such as landscaping or a new pool.

It is a good idea to ask some guests when would be most convenient for them to attend your party; based on which you can choose the best possible time and day. After moving in, if possible, try to hold the party 2 to 3 weeks afterward.

Plan the budget properly

It can be quite expensive for you to host any party, including a housewarming party. You should sit down and budget properly in advance. It is possible to save money if you serve food using your dishes, glasses, and silverware. Instead of a full meal, you can make simple appetizers. If you invite a small number of people you can prepare the food yourself cannot have to hire a catering agency. If you call in a large number of people and have the budget, you can hire a food truck to satisfy the needs of your guests.

Plan the kind of food to serve

The kind of food that you serve would depend on what time your party will be held. For instance, small desserts and easy finger foods can be okay for an afternoon party whereas a full dinner and larger meals would be needed for an evening party.

Plan the drinks

In case you wish to have some alcoholic beverages served to guests, use wine coolers or beer to fill up a larger cooler. You may also serve champagne or wine for the celebration.

Alongside, you should also keep the provision for non-alcoholic beverages such as fruit juice, soda, and cold water.

Think about the services needed

In case you have the budget you can consider hiring a few professionals for assistance with your party. Whether it comes to hiring a DJ for entertainment, a photographer to click and capture all the memories, a catering service for the food, or a nanny to supervise the children, by hiring the right kind of service providers you can reduce a lot of stress for yourself.

If you would like to make your home look gorgeous before the party, you can also go on and hire an interior designing professional.

Creating and sending party invites

If you think you need to spend plenty of money on your housewarming party invitations, you are wrong. You can download invitation templates for use websites like Canva - for designing your customized party invites, and send them by email or WhatsApp, to save expenses on postage and paper.

Choose the proper theme & dress code

If you are planning to host a themed party it is a good idea to have a dress code to create the right mood for the ambiance. You should inform your guests about this beforehand by including the information in the party invitations that you send to them. It is not mandatory to do so, but hosting themed parties or costume parties can always add to the fun.

Think about the return gifts

Once the party is over, you would like to have your guests go back home - satisfied with the knowledge that you felt grateful for their presence. One of the best ways to do so is to hand over housewarming return gifts to each of them.

With the right kind of return gifts - such as wallets, coffee mugs, key-chains etc, you can create the right impact. If you would be inviting only a small number of people, and if your budget allows it, you can even personalize each gift to make for a more memorable experience.

How to Prepare Your Home for an Ideal House-warming Party?

You would obviously like your home to look like a million bucks before your guests, and with these tips, it can be easier for you to do so:

Make sure all the things are unpacked

You should unpack every box that you have and put away stuff before guests start coming over. In case you lack the time to complete unpacking, it is better to put full boxes in the attic or garage to keep them out of sight.

Try to decorate as much as you can

Use impressive party decorations such as festive tablecloths, streamers, and balloons - to have your party venue decorated.

Ensure that furniture is comfortable arranged and placed in security to prevent any risks of injuries. It is important to create a festive and comfortable environment, to present to your guests upon their arrival.

Get help from service providers, if needed

If you lack the time for giving your home deep cleaning and getting everything in order, you should consider hiring professional house cleaners or housekeeping professionals - in case you have the budget to do so.

Tips to Ensure the Most Successful House-warming Party

These important tips can make your housewarming party the most successful event in your life until now.

  • Make sure that there is a comfortable seating space for every guest that you invite. The furniture items should be arranged properly, to make it easy to walk around, sit and have conversations.
  • If you have pets at home, keep them in a secure area during the party event. You may also consider appointing a reliable pet sitter to look after them until the party comes to an end.
  • You should let your guests be informed in advance, whether you are holding a kid-friendly party or not so that they can make planning for the same.
  • Try to interact with every guest. It is important to have a talk with everyone at your house warming event and not stick to conversations with only a few people who are closer to you. You would like to ensure that your guests feel you treasure the presence of each one of them.
  • Play some games. Playing games with your guests can be a good way to cut the boredom once all conversations reach a dead end. It can help ensure that everyone joins in the fun and has a great time at your event.
  • At the end of your house-warming party, you should give out housewarming return gifts or party favors to your guests, before they leave.
  • Try to choose a specific theme for your housewarming event to make the party more fun for your guests. You can choose anything - like a tropical island theme, a favorite movie theme, and more.

What Should You Do After Your Party?

Once the party comes to an end, it is important to do the following:

  • You need to clean your house up
  • Send thank-you notes to guests
  • Get everything back to normal
  • Enjoy your time in your new home.

It is not mandatory to throw a housewarming party after you move in, but it can be quite a fun way to have a good time with your loved ones in your new space. It can be an excuse for a celebration! Using the above tips, you can easily have the best celebration in your home space after you move in.

With a small amount of planning and preparations, you can successfully host a house-warming event, and make it an occasion to remember for your guests - for a long, long time.