Though San Diego offers a laid-back vibe, this Californian metropolis is home to the most innovative businesses in life science, biotechnology and telecommunications.

The city also presents the second-largest school district in the state; about 87% of San Diegans older than age 25 possess at least a high school diploma. 

With such a rich source of educational and employment opportunities, the best thing about this thriving city is the access to online high school in San Diego. This sophisticated schooling technique offers an excellent ecosystem as an alternative to the traditional school scene. 

Here’s how you can choose the best online high school that can make your future in America’s Finest City:

Choose an Accredited Online High School

Accreditation is a quality validation process that ensures the schools adhere to an education standard recognized regionally or nationally. Typically, universities and colleges only accept students who graduate from accredited online high schools.

Currently, there is a state and region level set of standards for accreditation for virtual learning schools. Top online high schools in San Diego receive accreditation from WASC, one of the country's most prominent regional accrediting bodies.

Ensure you check the school's accreditations to avoid any qualification recognition issues in the future when you plan to pursue a desired college degree.

Check the Offered Courses

With the healthcare sector offering the largest percentage of employment opportunities in San Diego, about 13%, physicians are among the city's highest-paying jobs. On the other hand, international trade and tourism are some of the base sectors that constitute San Diego’s booming economy.

A reputable online high school in San Diego includes Science, Mathematics, English, Visual and Performing Arts, matching the city's trending high-pay job profiles.

Check if the institution offers your preferred courses with a curriculum that keeps you engaged online and helps you gain the required knowledge in the field of your choice.

Check for Qualified Online Faculty

In San Diego, a WASC accredited virtual school presents highly-qualified teachers who are California credentialed. These credentials enable the establishment to achieve its mission, facilitating student's academics and personal goals, virtually.

See to it that the instructors are qualified and capable of teaching on a virtual platform, imparting the same knowledge possible while teaching in a physical classroom. 

Check for Counselling and Support Services

As per recent statistics, about 370,000 people in San Diego enrolled in schools, from nurseries to graduate or professional schools. With such a massive student population, it would have been a different experience learning in a traditional school environment before 2020. Not all would be accustomed to virtual learning practices.

Confirm if the school provides access to counselors and support staff dedicated to building a positive relationship with you. They should give you the support and guidance you need to reach your full potential remotely. Ensure they offer you adequate coaching to cope with the challenges you might face in e-learning sessions.

Go Through the Offered Extracurricular Programs

Since a significant portion of the schedule goes into studying, online learning institutions focus on engaging students in extracurricular activities. Such programs help you socialize in a world that is marching rapidly towards an online ecosystem. 

The reputable virtual learning schools in San Diego present After School Programs. They also collaborate with 4-H, the country's largest youth development organization. 

Enquire if the school schedules field trips for the students to locations like San Diego Zoo and San Diego Natural History Museum. 

Check the Available Prepping for College Support

In 2020, many high schoolers from San Diego crossed the state lines, some traveling 5 hours to Arizona, to take the SAT.

With most colleges, including the University of San Diego, using SAT scores to make admission decisions, you will have to prepare for the test sincerely. Confirm if the online high school provides online SAT tutoring and access to college advisors who can help you prepare for your college admissions.

Look for Dedicated Online Learning Formats for Various Types of Students

Typically, some high schoolers are bright, while some struggle to cope with the studies. And then there are star athletes and performers, focusing on extracurricular activities along with their study time table.

On the same lines, top online high schools in San Diego offer e-learning sessions tailor-made for struggling, talented students and athletes. 

Check if the offered programs ensure you receive the required education without straining and compromising your capabilities.

Parting Words

San Diego ranks #9th in the U.S. for tech jobs, with the tech market accounting for about 9% of the total economy. While most San Diego schools are closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, it is best to choose and enroll in a reputable online high school carefully. Rest assured, you can continue your path towards achieving a rewarding career in one of the World's Smart Cities.