Whenever you think of a parental control app, some things should always come into your mind. You should always think of reliability, ease of use, and effectiveness. Having said that, we must accept that location tracking isn’t a walk in the park unless with the modern tech where people are using various apps and software.

Before technology came to get off parents from agony, one would spend a restless day in the office worried about their kids’ location. Thanks to the developers who are tirelessly working round the clock to make life simpler. Though parental control applications have mushroomed amazingly in the past few years, Wondershare’s FamiSafe parental control app is the best for parents who want to stay connected to their families. The app has a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play store and has received over a million downloads from this platform.

If you are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use, and effective family locator, consider the FamiSafe parental control and child tracker app. It has a simple to access interface with openly displayed features. In fact, its main feature only requires you to open it and nothing more.

Features of FamiSafe Parental Control App.

If it weren’t for the outstanding and useful features, it couldn’t be receiving positive reviews from parents who use it. Who doesn’t love to use a reliable free to download application with sophisticated features? Below are the features of FamiSafe:

  1. Live Location Feature.

When you aren’t with your kids, you want to know their location to be certain about their safety. The Wondershare’s FamiSafe parental control app came to help you have it. As stated earlier, opening this app will give the live location of your kids’ phone. This means that you can easily locate them and know when they move to risky places. If they are in a risky location, you can call them and request them to get back home. If they are small kids who may hardly trace their way back home, you can contact the local police to get and be safe.

  1. Geofencing Feature.

This is another great feature on this app that isn’t available on other parental control apps. A Geofence is a virtue zone you can create on the map in the FamiSafe app to represent a safe location for your children. The area can go up to a hundred meters radius. It is enough to cover most standard home compounds or schools. Once you create a Geofence on your FamiSafe parental control app, you will be notified every time your children enter or leave it. The feature is good for parents with toddlers who should stay at home at all times. Again, those with school-going children can use it to know when their children arrive at school in the morning and leave for home. 

  1. Location History.

Because you may also want to know the places that your kids visit, Wondershare incorporated the location history feature in their location tracking app. With this feature, you can see the specific time when your kids visited particular locations. This is important because you will note areas that are frequently visited and find out the reasons. If you realize that the places aren’t good for their moral development or academic success, you should counsel them against going there. However, the app requires you to zoom the location history map to see precise locations.

  1. Browsing History.

Other than the location history, you are also able to see the websites that your children visit on the internet. It’s good to be concerned because they could be accessing websites with illicit content without your knowledge. This can drastically lower their morals and lose their focus in life. It is good to realize that any unnecessary content on the internet is addictive to its users. The parent can block any website remotely to ensure kids won’t access it.

  1. Detecting Harmful Content.

This app detects harmful content sent as messages to your children’s social apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. This content could be videos or photos. If received or shared to your kid’s smartphone, you’ll be notified to block the recipient app.


Others have also used FamiSafe as a screen time control app to ensure that kids won’t overuse or misuse their gadgets. Parents can view the content that children are viewing on YouTube and block it if necessary. Parents can also schedule when their kids will use certain apps on their phones. These apps will be blocked automatically when their set usage time elapses.

How Much Does FamiSafe Cost and Where You Can Get It?

Downloading the FamiSafe app is completely free despite where you download it. Interested parents can download it from the Amazon Store using any smartphone. If you love being specific, iOS gadget users can download it from the App Store while Android users will get it on Google Play Store.

Wondershare offers a free three-day trial to anyone who downloads the app which is then followed by any of the following subscriptions.

Subscription Plan

Subscription Fee

No. of Phones You Can Connect











The importance of children’s safety is indisputable especially when we look at the risks associated with uncontrolled kid’s movement. Using the FamiSafe parental control app to track a cell phone is affordable than the use of any other method. The best thing is that a single subscription covers all the features of Wondershare’s FamiSafe free GPS tracker.


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