Each year more and more investors and their clients start thinking about environmental safety. It is estimated that ESG investments (Environmental, Social, and Governance) have already topped one hundred billion dollars in value by the end of last year. Investing in the environment holds on new societal ideals and political popularity, making them one of the greatest places to invest your money. It was collected by many survey agencies that around seventy-five percent of global investors want to enhance their commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investments not only by words but also in their investments.

It is not uncommon to see whole new investment firms opening up that solely focus on environmental investments, just as it is not uncommon to see investors who want to put a pretty big part of their portfolio into such funds. With BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, being the new king of Wall Street with over ten trillion dollars under management, leading the way in this field by the amount of money invested. It has committed to increasing its environmental, social, and governance initiatives and to increasing its green portfolio to one trillion dollars by the end of the decade. Even old mining and oil processing industries mention to the shareholders that they are going to invest a lot of money in the ecological environment. You can check out an article on how to buy gold online and see how each individual company is working on ESG compliance. It is not hard to find as societal and environmental responsibility standards are becoming increasingly important for businesses like the ones who do not include these standards in their operations will face significant consequences.

Below, we are going to list companies that are driving the green revolution to new heights.


Tesla is probably the most popular example of green investment stock. Its new electric case technologies changed the whole car industry. Tesla is more than simply an automobile manufacturer. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is well known for his commitment to the future and Tesla is just one big part of his ambitions. He has other companies that focus on the importance of sustainability and the potential of future technologies. While Tesla utilizes the most cutting-edge technologies in the creation of electric vehicles, his other company is focusing on the development of solar energy which is considered one of the most environmentally friendly ways of generating electricity.

The “Solar roof” aims to transform the way roofs on our buildings are created. The goal is to replace regular roof tiles with solar tiles that can generate enough electricity to power your house completely. Allowing you to power your Tesla car with solar panel energy making the whole cycle environmentally friendly.

Enphase Energy (NASDAQ: ENPH)

Enphase Energy is a fantastic company. Although the firm does not build wind turbines or solar panels, it is a significant participant in the emerging field of renewable energy. As a technology supplier, this firm has opened up new possibilities in the industry by introducing new tech for the manufacturing companies, mainly building software and hardware that can manage and use energy as efficiently and effectively as possible. It is a great stock for investing.