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In the world, cryptocurrencies have been volatile and volatile in value ever since they were introduced. However, there were many investment enthusiasts who have tried to crack the code as to what causes volatility in cryptocurrencies and why it happens.

When it comes to cryptocurrency the first question that usually pops into everyone's mind is why is bitcoin so volatile, Cardano price predictions, what are cryptocurrency market caps and how to use statistics insights to succeed in investing.  Here we are constantly trying to fill these gaps with just trends and consumer behaviour. Whereas if we talk about the industry, it has grown to success in sustaining itself which is considered extremely difficult in terms of movement of cryptocurrency prices, today in this blog we are to tell understanding the value of bitcoin, how the price of cryptocurrency in the market, as well as why and how cryptocurrencies movie has been. If you are curious in bitcoin trading, see how bitcoin differs from bitcoin cash. But before knowing all this let us discuss the similarities between fiat money and cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency vs Fiat Currency:


If we talk about the biggest comparison factor between cryptocurrency and fiat currency, then it is their support.  If we look at fiat currencies, it is supported by the central government and the fact of its value is obtained only at the behest of the central government. However, their trust is also being placed on them by the parties who transact in value. In the case of fiat money, inflation and the entire supply of money are thus brought under control by the central bank. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies that started in existence were not given the autonomy to regulate the money of any person through any central government. Furthermore, because they also have a fixed supply, devaluation by inflation is negligible. In the crypto market, supply and demand are considered to be the most significant determinants for its price.


However, apart from this, both cryptocurrency and fiat currency come with similar characteristics in many respects: they are generally used as a medium of exchange of products and services as well as they store value.


Why do cryptocurrency prices fluctuate so much?


One of the many reasons crypto remains volatile is its novelty. There are many new concepts associated with this which take a long time to settle and accept. On the other hand, the asset class is gaining foothold in the market as well as the investor/speculator and is in the initial stage of price action. Due to the lack of rules and understanding, in today's time, business has come to the fore as a highly speculative business. Where the investors usually place bets on the price going up or down, and in doing so these speculative bets come in the form of sudden outflows or inflows, which leads to a further increase in volatility.


Emotion factor


Here if we talk about the sentiment factor, which is most popular and accepted in the crypto world, in which many investors will usually pay more attention to the factors that will be able to influence their movement. And till then, there are many movements which are speculative in nature as there are many investors who usually buy or sell based on sentiment. Also those who are considering adopting crypto for the long term, they are doing so because they believe the asset class can gain acceptance. However, there are also many young investors who are investing in crypto. They also invest with the aim that they can earn more in less time. Therefore, when they face a huge risk, they usually leave the market and due to this, the possibility of market volatility increases further.