There is a range of reasons why we may feel uncomfortable. And we feel you, it really is no fun at all when your body aches and you just can’t seem to relax.

And when we can’t relax, we also tend to have a horrible night’s sleep, which of course means that we feel tired and in pain during the day!

Your discomfort can be brought on from a range of reasons that include everything from a poorly designed workspace to sinus or acid reflux issues.

Thankfully, there is an easy fix for this!  A wedge cushion is designed to help you experience more comfort throughout the day and night and can be a real life-changer for many!

For those who aren’t yet that familiar with what a wedge cushion actually is and how it works, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about this miracle pillow and why we can’t recommend it enough!

1. It is designed like an actual wedge

The name is quite literal when it comes to the design of the wedge pillow. It is shaped like a wedge or triangle. In terms of how big or small they are, it depends on where you get it from really! But they can range anywhere from a few feet to close to five feet long! This is great as it means that the wedge pillow is designed to support your unique body shape and size too.

2. It is designed to support your body

The perk of having a wedge cushion is that it is designed to support your body when you are laying or sitting back against it. You can switch the position of the cushion based on the actual level of support you are needing and the position you want to be in. Some even come with an extra grip on the material so you don’t risk slipping! That is true support if you ask us!

3. It remembers your body

Wedge cushions are made with memory foam, which means they will remember the detailed shape of your body every single time. Because it can do this, it means that it can mold itself around your body to the nearest inch and give you a wholesome support system all day long! This is also important because one of the main goals of a wedge cushion is to give your body consistent support every time you use it.

4. It will help you sleep

For whatever the reason may be, not getting a good night’s sleep is just plain awful! But this is where the wedge cushion truly shines. It is able to allow you to lie down in various positions that can help alleviate any symptoms brought on by sinus infections, glaucoma or acid reflux.  The pillow is able to elevate your head or promote you sleeping on your side so that you can actually sleep through the night without discomfort. The wedge cushion will likely become your new favorite thing in bed.

5. It will help you survive the workday

Let’s be honest, working from a chair all day is never fun. But it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable thanks to the wedge cushion. While used at night in bed, it can also be used during the day in your work chair to provide your back an extra level of support. This will really help your back from feeling pain and it may actually enhance the enjoyment of your workday!

A wedge cushion is designed to support your body 24/7. From helping you get a good night’s sleep to enjoy the workday a little bit more, a wedge cushion is one of the best investments you can make for yourself!