In order to live a healthy life, there are certain things you can do. These include regular exercise, eating healthy, staying hydrated by drinking lots of water, and taking vitamins and supplements to boost your nutrition. But not all vitamins and supplements are made the same, and they don’t all provide the same health benefits depending on their ingredient lists.

If you are going to include a daily dose of supplements into your routine, you want to make sure you’re taking high-quality, well-made, and nutrient-dense products. There are certain qualities you can look for in your vitamins and supplements to ensure they’re beneficial ones that will infuse your body with goodness. Keep reading to learn how to find the best supplements. But first, let’s go over some common questions you might be asking about taking vitamins.

Why Should You Take Vitamins and Supplements?

There are certain nutrients your body needs to function at its best level. While your body can naturally produce some of these micronutrients it needs, others can only be sourced from what you eat. In the same way, sometimes it's highly beneficial for you to provide your body with more nutrients than it naturally provides since a higher quantity can help you be healthier. In addition, some people (depending on their age, medical history, genetics, and other factors) need to boost their bodies with extra nutrients that others can naturally create; these changing needs in their bodies sometimes occur quite suddenly and unexpectedly and could happen to you as well. But if you’re already feeding your body a wide range of healthy vitamins and supplements, you won’t be caught by surprise with health problems that could have been easily preventable. 

How Long Until Vitamins Begin to Benefit Your Body?

Now that you know how beneficial vitamins and supplements are, your next question is probably, how long does it take for vitamins to work? Unfortunately, there’s no one answer, since the timeline depends on the person and all their unique factors, as well as on the vitamin. It also might depend on your reasons for taking vitamins and supplements. For instance, a person with a severe vitamin deficiency would be able to eventually see clear results, but if you’re taking nutrients for an overall health boost, you might not notice a big difference on any particular day, but rather an increase in how well you feel. Effects are usually gradual and perceived when you look back and compare them against your health before you started incorporating a daily dosage into your routine. 

In order to celebrate the results of your vitamins and supplements (and also to ensure they’re working), it’s a good idea to do a quick personal health assessment each week after you start taking your new nutrients. Ask yourself how you feel that week, then compare it to your health before you started your supplements. Consider all side effects that may be related, both positive and negative. This is the best way to know your vitamins are working. Within three months, if not sooner, you should be able to look back and notice the improvement.

What To Look For In Your Vitamins and Supplements To Ensure High Quality

No Unnecessary Additives or Filler Ingredients

It’s important to select vitamins and supplements that contain only the purest, healthiest ingredients because taking a daily dose of something that is not beneficial to your wellness and could even deter it provides the opposite effect of what you want. Some vitamin and supplement brands add extra, unnecessary ingredients to their formulas like sugar, gelatin, dairy, oils, starch, stearic acid, cellulose, etc. Brands decide to put these ingredients into their products sometimes to boost flavor, create a color, or for production to cost them less, so make sure you know what is in your vitamins and supplements.

Credible Retailer 

You also want to make sure the brand you choose for your supplements is well-reviewed and credible. There are thousands upon thousands of vitamin and supplement retailers, but not all of them will give you the same quality of products. Choose your retailer carefully to ensure quality and purity standards in their products. 

Shop Locally

Another factor to be mindful of is where your product is manufactured, and from where the ingredients are sourced. A generally solid practice when it comes to vitamins and supplements is to look for products that are made in the United States because then you know certain guidelines have been followed and regulations have been met. 


Taking daily doses of vitamins and supplements can lead to a major improvement in your health and wellness. You’ll begin to notice significant changes to how you feel within a matter of a few months, if not sooner. But for the best results, you want to make sure you’re taking high-quality vitamins and supplements. Use this guide to help you choose the best vitamins and supplements to support your wellness goals!