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The GCIH stands for the GIAC Incident Handler Certification. This GCIH certificate is considered a highly prestigious certificate for enthusiastic IT experts and several other active employees. Every year various IT experts start their journey and career in the Incident Handling world. The students applying for the gcih certification program must have an interest in the penetration testing realm. 

Moreover, the GCIH exam checks the potential of the students on their basic understanding and skills in the GIAC domain. Let's see all about the GCIH exams. 

Objective Of GCIH Certification 

This certificate exam mainly aims for the students to understand security incident handling. Its purpose is to prepare students for managing security if any uncertain incident occurs. Thus, if you are preparing for the GCIH exams, you need to verify certain skills.

  • You must gather lots of information about attacking tools, techniques, and vectors. 
  • You must also understand the way to map out the networks for revealing any susceptibility. 
  • Be aware of any type of cyber exploitations. 
  • Get enough learning about worms, like a multi exploit, fast-spreading, metamorphic, and various other worms. 
  • Know how to protect access to any software. 
  • Learn to use different channels like ICMP tunnels, and Reverse HTTP shells. 

Exam Pattern Of GCIH Certificate 

The pattern of the GCIH exam is quite easy and is fully based on practical skills. If you prepare well for the exams, you can easily get through them brilliantly. There are a total of 150 questions to be attempted. The time limit of the exam is approx 240 minutes. The exam type is proctored. 

Moreover, to pass the exam, you are required to score at least 70% marks. However, you can easily get various sample questions on the GIAC website. You can find more information on the GIAC website under GCIH certification. 

How To Prepare For This Exam

To prepare for the GCIH certificate exam, you need to cover all the important and generic topics. Once you complete the syllabus, it is important to revise the parts various times. Scoring 70% of marks is not likely to be an easy one. So, prepare well with covering all the significant topics. Some of the important topics that you can cover are:

  • Hosts track coverage - In this, you need to know how to identify, mitigate and defend the cyber attacks. 
  • Tracking the network
  • Drive-by attacks, and domain attacks
  • Digital Investigation as well as the incident handling
  • Netcat, password attacks, and web app attacks
  • Scanning and mapping of networks. 

GCIH Certification - Area Coverage 

The important areas covered by GCIH certification are the:

  • Incident handling 
  • Computer crime investigation
  • Hacking computers and networks
  • Exploitations 
  • Various hacker tools such as Nmap, Metasploit, Netcat, and Nessus. 

Who Can Avail GCIH Course

This GIAC GCIH certification is ideally for:

  • Incident handlers and team leads
  • Security lawyers
  • System administrators
  • Security designers
  • Security responders and personnel

Now that we understand what GCIH certification is and how can we prepare best for its exams, it's time for you to give lots of hard work and effort to attain the goals. The most important aspect of this exam is that GIAC exams are all open-book exams. Therefore, it becomes a little easy to crack compared to other cybersecurity exams.